There are many occasions throughout the year that provide us with the perfect excuse to reinvent and energise our kitchen space, but there’s a knack to doing it seamlessly and in a way that doesn’t disturb or detract from your existing kitchen units and fixtures.

At the moment, we’re extremely excited about the coming of spring and all of the wonderful things associated with this time of year that we can incorporate into our kitchen ornamentation. Our set of suggestions will help you inject colour, pattern and vibrancy into your kitchen and remain on trend this season in a cost effective way that doesn’t require you to make permanent changes.

  1. Colour

If you can’t overegg it on colour at this time of year, when can you? And there are a number of ways to do so that are understated but highly impactful. Candles, flower arrangements, pillows and throws are a simple yet effective way to replicate the flourishes of colour outside, inside, and spend as little or as much as you would like. Why not invest in indoor bunting that you can hang from one set of kitchen units to another.  We Brits love a bit of bunting so it’s highly likely that this would make an appearance on more than one occasion throughout the year!

  1. Wall hangings

A trend that has stormed interior design in recent years, is feature walls; the designation of a single wall to become a focal point through the installation of fancy wallpaper and lavish fittings. To go the whole hog with a feature wall can incur considerable costs. Wall hangings, art and mirrors (which are also great for making small spaces feel larger) are an alternative way to create a focus without splurging. When installing wall hangings, it is crucial to ensure that they are secure and not at risk of falling down.

  1. Replace a lamp shade

Something as simple as replacing a lampshade can do wonders for a room. Try something light and neutral in colour. This way, light will travel further and the whole room will feel uplifted.

  1. Repot plants

Similarly, transferring plants from dark-coloured winter pots to pots pale in colour will add to your kitchens feeling of spaciousness. With both your lampshades and plants pots, white is a good way to go to avoid any kind of clash with your kitchen units if you’re unsure.

  1. Homemade terrariums

Not only are they a unique and interesting way to house plants indoor, but making a terrarium is lots of fun and a great activity to do as a family.  The materials needed to create terrariums are minimal and they require little maintenance going forward, once complete.

We hope our ideas have ignited your creativity and that adding a touch of spring to your kitchen interior is now high on your list of priorities. It’s amazing what a few home changes can do for your mood and frame of mind!