There are quite a few options to choose from when buying a worktop, and whether you go for a Full Stave Oak or a Super Stave, Oak is often one of them. This blog will look at the differences between the two, which will help you to make an informed choice that is right for your space and design. 

Let’s start by understanding what a stave is. A stave is a block or a plank of wood, depending on its size and can range from 40mm to full length. The full stave and super staves are planks, and both run the entire length of the worktop. They are invisibly joined together using high-pressure and glueing techniques, which create the look of a single large piece of wood.  

Oak is traditionally known for its hardwearing properties and considerable warmth and character; it can add to a kitchen due to its golden hues, intricate grain patterns, and knots. However, whilst it has been used in traditional designs, it is still very at home in a more contemporary setting to add a touch of class, style and elegance.  

Full Stave Oak vs Super Stave Oak

The Full Stave Oak

The full stave option is available in both Rustic Oak and Prime Oak. The rustic oak, as its name suggests, is a more rustic wood and contains knots, and a more varied grain pattern, than the Prime Oak. 

The Full staves are made from planks, which range in width from 80mm-150mm, and can be used to create a variety of worktops, varying in width from 620mm to 1240mm. This size range makes them perfect for creating hardwearing, versatile spaces for cooking, entertaining, and the family, such as kitchen islands, breakfast bars, and worktops.   

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The Super stave oak  

The super stave is made from planks (staves) ranging in size from 160mm-250mm; this wider plank creates a uniform look, showing off the grain lines of this incredible wood at its best. As with the full stave oak, the super stave oak is available in prime oak and rustic oak to fit your design.    

So, in the Full Stave Oak vs Super Stave Oak contest, which one should be the winner?  

Oak is a beautiful timber full of character and hardwearing, making a great addition to any kitchen design. Its golden honey tones, light brown grain patterns, and knots add warmth, charm, and elegance to a design. 

The main difference between the two is the width of the staves. The wider super stave worktops are created with fewer planks, giving the full effect of grain patterns and knots. The full stave oak comprises narrower planks, so there will be more grain patterns and colouring variation. Both options show off the beauty of oak and create a solid wood worktop that will last for decades, growing older gracefully as the years pass.   

The real decider will be whether you prefer a more uniform look for your worktop or something that shows the incredible rustic nature of this fantastic wood. 

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