Spring Summer collection

Brighten up your garden with HEMA garden accessories – countless ways to beautify your garden.

Give your garden some extra love this spring with HEMA’s new garden accessories.There is a wide range of possibilities to spruce up your garden just how you like it.The collection includes flower pots in natural shades and atmospheric lights and lanterns.Available at all HEMA stores and at hemashop.com.

Light up your garden

LED lights are the perfect accessory to decorate your garden. Great for adding a touch of charm to long summer evenings in the garden. The festoon light chain consists of multiple lights and operates on AA batteries. Or how about these colourful small or large lanterns, also available in white.

Add colour

These flower pots are perfect for your flowers and plants and designed to be noticed! Choose one of the different shades of green, grey or white. To remember what you planted in the pots you can use the handy pot labels. Easy and attractive! Any time you have left can be spent relaxing on the picnic rug. The pots are available in sets of 3 and are 12 cm in diameter. Don’t forget your flowers also need watering. Make watering more fun by using this jolly elephant-shaped watering can.

DIY gardening

With HEMA’s extensive range of herb seeds including chives, mint, basil and thyme, starting your own herb or vegetable garden is a cinch. This spring you can pick these flavour-filled fresh herbs from your own garden. Seeds for tasty vegetables such as carrots, lettuce, spinach and juicy tomatoes are also available. To make gardening even easier we also have complete growing kits in biodegradable pots, so that you’re not only looking after your own health, but also taking care of the environment! If you’re stuck for space you’ll be pleased to know there’s also a compact-sized grow kit. This handy box allows you to grow several types of herbs and vegetables all at the same time.