The garden is an important part of your home. When the weather is good, the sun shining and the temperature pleasant, we take to your gardens to enjoy the space.

As a result, many people will landscape their gardens, adding features that make it a far more enjoyable space. The addition of a patio or decking are perfect examples of making a garden more functional and usable. Glass balustrades are the perfect addition too, providing a luxurious look as well as a safety barrier where there is an edge or need for a handrail.

glass balustrades

If you have not considered glass balustrades, you may be wondering what they can bring to your garden and decked area.

#1 Safety

The smallest of drops or edges can be a problem when there are children or people with mobility issues using a garden. Safety at the edge of a deck is important, as it provides something to grab onto if need be.

However, this does not mean fitting your deck with a huge handrail that detracts from the beauty of the space. Neither will you want to ‘hem in’ the space or close it down. Glass balustrades as the perfect option.

Glass can be transparent or frosted but either way, they allow light to flood on to the patio and still give the feeling and impression of space.

#2 Style

Clearly, you don’t want to compromise on style. You have worked hard to create the space that you want inthe garden and you want something that both compliments this and does not detract from the overall look.

The beauty of using glass balustrades with decking is that they are versatile; they can be a feature all of their own or they can blend in with the decking and surrounding plants and features.

They fit with any style of garden, from the clean, formal lines of a Capability Brown inspired space, or they can sit equally as well in a minimalist garden, with sculptures and trampolines.

#3 Adds a sense of opulence and luxury

Glass is a material that many people like to use in various parts of their home. Its use in the garden is a perfect way of adding a sense of awe to a design too.

It allows light to play, it reflects light and yet you can see through it to another section of the garden, keep an eye on the kids playing and so on. You will find it difficult to find another material that reacts and responds in the same way as glass. Nor will you find another material that people will instantly want to touch and admire.

#4 Robust and long lasting

The fragility of glass is well-known, just think of all the footballs through greenhouses over the years. With chemical treatment and various manufacturing processes, glass is transformed from weak single panes to layered, toughened and tempered glass.

What this means is simple – a football is unlikely to a glass balustrade any damage but, if it is under pressure, rather than shatter into thousands of tiny, sharp shards it will crack or chip.

Chipping or cracking will weaken it, and thus the panel will need replacing but, the likelihood of this happening is small simply because the material is so robust, it takes several knocks and bangs before it gives under the pressure.

#5 Cost-effective

The fact it needs little if any maintenance (apart from the odd clean with a buck of soapy water), is unlikely to crack or chip, glass is a cost-effective solution when creating a safety barrier or to give your decking a finished off look.

Easy to design your own system, easy to calculate what you need and how many of each component, creating your own unique glass balustrade system has never been easier. Some people choose to fit it themselves too, and others opt for professional installation. Either way, it is a system that not only looks great, but is effective and neither will it blow the budget.

#6 Little maintenance

All too often, we design and create things only to find we spend huge amounts of time maintaining them so they look their best. With glass balustrades, there is very little if any maintenance required.

Posts are securely fixed to the decking, the glass clamps remaining tight and clamped onto the glass panels and apart from cleaning them every now and then, there is very little more that you need to do.

Why not take another look at glass balustrades for your garden?