There is a difference between a house or flat, and a home. For some, the difference is negligible, even irrelevant. For others, it can make or break their happiness. But just how do you transform a living space into some place that you can call home?

In truth, there are several ways. First and foremost, building happy memories together with the ones you love. However, that will inevitably come over time. There has to be a simpler step, where you can get started. Well, that is what we are here to talk about.

Exploring the Different Styles of Home Decoration Minimalism to Maximalism

Home Decoration

One of the simplest ways to turn your living quarters into a home is by imbuing it with the spirit of “you.” In other words, decorating the home so that it matches your personality, your aesthetic, and your hobbies.

One popular example that has been getting a lot of traction nowadays is making your flat look like a casino. Thanks to promotions that do not require you to make a deposit, online gambling websites have soared in popularity. Nowadays, many people prefer gambling online, then visiting a casino.

However, online gamblers may miss the feel and atmosphere of the gambling hall. In that case, why not bring the casino to you? Red and black is what you want here, with a lot of decoration and memorabilia that reflects the interior décor of a classic casino.

But, that is just one option, for a very specific type of person. In this article, we would like to discuss the different styles and approaches to home decoration and offer some tips and trips regarding home decoration.

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Minimalism is not a new concept. Another word for this approach to decoration is “Spartan,” reflecting the fact that the style is already ancient. However, in the 21st century, minimalism has had a bit of a resurgence.

Characterized as the art of simplicity, minimalism takes heavy inspiration from Scandinavian home décor and combines it with modernist philosophies. The goal is to avoid clutter, reduce clean time, and maximize efficiency without sacrificing beauty.

  • Popular Color Schemes

The most popular colour combination in minimalism is black and white. Fitting, seeing as how minimalism is about embracing simplicity, and white and black are the two simplest colours. People often associate the combination of black and white with modernity, the high life, and maturity.

If you do want to add some colour to your minimalist décor, we recommend looking at subdued colours, that aren’t immediately eye-gauging. Beige, grey, and similar shades are especially popular nowadays. However, feel free to mix it up with lighter shades of yellow or blue, as well, depending on your taste.

Minimalism The Art of Simplicity in Modern Home Interiors
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Why Minimalism Is Popular

The main reason behind minimalism’s popularity is quite simple; minimalism is easy. To be sure, there are plenty of people who put their heart and soul into decorating their house or flat in a minimalist style. However, anyone can simply decorate their flat and call it minimalist.

Another reason for the style’s popularity is because of the psychology behind it. It has been shown that minimalism can have incredible positive effects on a resident’s mental state. Minimalist décor has been linked with improved focus, clear thinking, and reduced stress.

However, it isn’t all positive. When done poorly, minimalism can lead to a relatively sterile living environment, that does not reflect the person living there. And if the whole point of home décor is creating a home, then the problem here is obvious.

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The rise of minimalism has brought a lot of joy to a lot of people, who would prefer to avoid clutter when decorating their homes. However, it has also stuck in a lot of people’s craw. Many consider the style lazy, sterile, and plain boring. It was these sentiments that gave rise to maximalism.

If minimalism’s focus is creating a simplistic decoration style, the goal of maximalists is to create a blend of different styles, decorate the home with as many trinkets as possible, and challenge the “rational” approach of the minimalists.

If minimalism is a reflection of modernist ideals, then maximalism could aptly be described as a post-modernist home décor philosophy. It questions the established order of home decoration, deconstructs its principles, and then reconstructs a new, functional style, that still contrasts what came before.

  • Popular Color Schemes

There aren’t any particular colour schemes that make maximalism what it is. It is entirely possible to create a maximalist living space with black and white, grey, or even beige colours. However, if you are going for the maximalist approach, why not go all out?

Bright yellows, reds, blues, greens, and all sorts of eye-catching colours that will immediately attract attention should be prominent. Paintings, portraits, photos, and all sorts of other wall decorations could clutter the walls, creating an almost museum-like feeling.

A relatively important aspect of maximalism is the addition of plants and flowers, the goal of which is to create a “forest-like” environment.

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What isn’t Maximalism?

We don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea. Maximalism is not mindless clutter. The goal is to infuse different styles, aesthetics, and decoration eras to create a cohesive whole. We could say it is something akin to “controlled chaos.” The ultimate point is to create a home décor style that is comprised of different, yet complementary aspects of different styles.

Why People Like Maximalism?

The reason for maximalism’s popularity is quite simple; it makes people feel like they are at home. By infusing your apartment with every aspect of your life, it truly becomes a reflection of you. Therefore, it is easier to identify with the living space, than if you were taking the minimalist approach.

There are also psychological benefits to a maximalist style. It has been linked to higher levels of happiness and content. People who take the maximalist approach have said that they feel much happier and safer in their homes.

On the other hand, there are some issues as well. The major one is that you will have a much harder time cleaning the place up. However, if you are where you want to be, then even cleaning can be a fun time.

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