• Interiors expert Sue Jones explains how to get a quiet luxurious look in your home

The quiet luxury trend has exploded in popularity in recent months, with over 17,000 searches for the term this month, and a 742% increase in searches year on year1, showing that interior lovers have embraced a more minimalistic approach to luxury.

Here, Sue Jones, luxury interior expert and co-founder of OKA, has shared her six expert tips to help incorporate the quiet luxury trend into your own home, with an emphasis on creating a feeling of understated quality and timeless luxury.

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  1. Spacious settings

The number one rule for quiet luxury is to not overcrowd the space, and allow the room to feel spacious and open, without feeling empty. Avoid introducing too much clutter, and instead choose a less-is-more approach.

“I’d recommend choosing just a few cushions to decorate your statement sofa to allow it to feel furnished but not overcrowded. Similarly, when using accessories, add just enough to give the room some character, placing them on side units and your mantelpiece to catch the eye. The key to this approach is to make the room feel lived in and personal, without compromising the aesthetic,” shares Jones.

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  1. Let quality take centre stage

While quiet luxury is subtle when it comes to style, quality remains a key element to shout about. This trend is all about thoughtfully shopping for pieces that will last a lifetime, so it’s important to invest in designs that are made with thought and care, and from materials that will stand the test of time. Buying a custom sofa, for example, is a great way to ensure quality craftsmanship with a design that suits your style.

“The key to choosing pieces with longevity is to select high-quality designs in classic colours and materials. I’d recommend selecting softer, more neutral tones over a brighter, trend-led colour, for example, as these tend to feel more timeless. When it comes to materials, natural leather or linen will give a subtle nod to luxury without compromising on quality,” explains Jones.

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  1. Focus on simplicity

Quiet luxury is all about understated, refined aesthetics. It’s not quite minimalism, but there should be a focus on softer tones and simple patterns.

“Neutral colours should be at the core of your palette, with soft beiges, whites and creams acting as the primary colours, mixed with other darker textures as supporting roles. Try incorporating natural materials, such as wood, in your furniture to complement and bring depth to a neutral colour scheme.

“Oak and mahogany have been the foundation of large, solid furnishings for centuries and continue to be premium-level materials to use in your home. You can complete this look with a subtle use of metallics to complete the overall aesthetic,” says Jones.

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  1. Incorporate antiques and artwork

Clutter is the enemy when it comes to quiet luxury, but this doesn’t mean that you should avoid incorporating a collection of home accessories.

“A carefully chosen collection of ornaments or trinkets from your travels can help to add an authentic and personal touch to the room, which will elevate the space and introduce splashes of vibrancy. You can also consider incorporating botanicals, with a floral arrangement in an elegant vase to add a touch of nature.

“When it comes to decorating the walls of a home, I love having a curated selection of artwork. Be wary of adding too many pieces, as this can make the space feel cluttered and detract from other elements of the room. Adding one or two larger pieces, combined with a mirror, will strike the perfect balance,” comments Jones.

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  1. Add textures

Introducing textures, in the form of luxury throws, rugs and cushion covers, offers the perfect opportunity to add small pops of colour to a room, helping to elevate the aesthetic without overwhelming your space.

“Subtlety is the key to the quiet luxury trend, so you should look to make use of muted, warm colours, rather than bright, vibrant splashes. For example, cushion covers in ochre or with hints of mustard yellow will tie in with a neutral colour palette, while offering hints of colour to give the space personality.

“Incorporating luxury throws for your sofa also helps to elevate the look and they add texture to the main area of focus in the room. When choosing a throw to fit with the quiet luxury theme, opt for cashmere or faux fur to add a feeling of quality and a lovely tactile element to the space,” explains Jones.

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  1. Bring in the light

Elegant light sources are another important aspect of the quiet luxury aesthetic, and while it’s best not to choose over-the-top, maximalist fittings, this can be an area that you can look to make a statement.

“Choose understated, refined chandeliers or oversized light fittings to give your space a luxury feel without dominating the room. When it comes to table lamps, simple designs work best, but you can look to include elements of metallics, such as brass and gold, for added interest. The addition of metals to your space will naturally draw the eye to focal points around the room, even when the lights are not in use,” says Jones.

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