Do you belong to the construction industry? If yes, then you will have to start paying more attention to the importance of asbestos surveys to ensure that your clients, employers, and duty holders remain safe from its dangers.

Materials That Contain Asbestos

Up till 1999, large amounts of materials that consisted of asbestos were used for a wide variety of construction purposes. This was the case in both refurbished and new buildings. It was in the same year that asbestos was banned. Despite the ban, the substance was used extensively throughout the years, which means that there are still quite a lot of structures out there that may contain asbestos.

There will be less of a risk where building materials are in good condition and the asbestos materials are most unlikely undisturbed. In buildings where asbestos materials have depreciated, are damaged, or are in poor conditions, the asbestos fibres will definitely be released into the environment. When these fibres get breathed in, the inevitable result will be serious lung diseases and cancers.

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Who Are The Usual Victims?

Workers who, during their daily use, disturb the fabrics of buildings because of installation, repair, refurbishment, and maintenance activities are the ones who are mostly exposed to asbestos. All of these people are unknowingly getting exposed to asbestos whenever they are working on structures that are made using asbestos. Due to the fact that they don’t know about the dangers, these workers also don’t take all the necessary precautions.

In order to prevent dangerous exposure to asbestos, it is necessary to determine whether asbestos is present in structures. This can be determined with the help of simple assessments that signify what risks are present in asbestos and what measures should be taken to manage them.

Asbestos testing needs to be done by people who are responsible for the repairs and maintenance activities of non-domestic buildings with asbestos in them. These people are usually known as duty holders and their legal duty cannot be delegated to others. If this testing is not completed, and it leads to you sustaining injuries then you could consider hiring a lawyer and developing an injury claim for asbestos against the workplace. The lawyer company will try their best to get you the outcome you deserve!

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Asbestos Surveys

Asbestos surveys are thorough inspections of premises that are believed to have asbestos in them. These surveys are needed to provide enough information for risk assessments so that management plans can be formulated.

Asbestos surveys typically consist of samples and their analysis in order to confirm whether or not the structure contains asbestos. These surveys, naturally, also need to be undertaken a number of times over the useful life of buildings and structures. If asbestos is found, then asbestos abatement kansas services (or similar services in your desired area) need to be hired to ensure proper removal and disposal of asbestos-containing materials to protect individuals and the environment from these hazards, ensuring a safer living and working environment.

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When considering an asbestos survey Houston, or anywhere, in fact, it is without a doubt, critical to select the right type of asbestos survey. The common types of surveys are usually split into 2 types – demolition/refurbishment surveys and management surveys.

Management surveys aim to make sure that nobody will be harmed due to the continued presence of materials that contain asbestos and that they remain in pristine condition. A demolition/refurbishment survey, on the other hand, signifies insurance regarding upgrades, refurbishments and demolitions of materials that consist of asbestos.

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