The enterprising city of Scottsdale boasts one of the best living standards in the region. A bouquet of lifestyle options and employment opportunities has made the town a magnet for aspiring professionals and those who are looking to invest in real estate.

Desert Ridge Residencies

Here are just some of the many reasons why moving to the place that has earned the nickname – the West’s most Western Town.

The City Of Scottsdale – Breathless And Beautiful

Browse through luxury apartments in desert ridge to find your perfect home. One of the most attractive highlights of choosing this location is that you will be close to the recreational and cultural landmarks of Scottsdale, of which there are plenty.


From a Whole Foods outlet to swanky shopping centers with boutique parlors and stores, all the shopping options are within a small radius in the Desert Ridge area. You will be a short drive away from the iconic Fashion Square in downtown Scottsdale and the Desert Ridge Marketplace is another retail hub with lots of options.

Entertainment And Arts

Prepare to be entertained when you take up residence in the Desert Ridge area. The affluent neighborhood is close to popular spots like the IPIC and Harkins Theatres.  Art and culture aficionados will also have their fill of attractions to choose from. The African American Multicultural Museum is a major highlight – exhibits include both art and historical exhibits.

The Musical Instrument Museum is another Scottsdale treasure while the local Museum of Contemporary Art will leave you spellbound with its collection of unique installations, art pieces, and architecture. The Scottsdale Museum of the West is a fascinating venue that brings the old frontier tales back to life with its well-curated collection.

Lifestyle And Adventure

The legends of the west were borne out of the deserts and mountains that surround Scottsdale and residents here enjoy some of the best hiking routes because of the dry weather and easy accessibility. The Bajada Nature Trail and the McDowell Sonoran Reserve are the most prominent choices for outdoor enthusiasts.

If you love your nights out, Scottsdale has some very vibrant social hubs that would take your breath away. Head over to Blind Dragon, known for its Asian themes or visit the Thirsty Camel which offers splendid desert views along with a fully stocked menu.

Find Luxury Apartments In Scottsdale

For home seekers looking for luxury apartments north scottsdale provides ample choice. From modern and sophisticated kitchen layouts and fittings to extra storage space, the latest Desert Ridge apartments offer a flawless living experience that blends design, smart usage of space, and top hospitality.

Designer lighting, plush carpeting, and high-quality wooden furnishings add warmth to your new home while you can also enjoy a wide choice of parking facilities for your precious ride. Amenities include a clubhouse, pool, fitness center, and more. Game rooms are also a fixture in the best luxury residencies. The latest luxury apartments also come equipped with smart home features along with high-speed internet.

Desert Ridge Residencies

Relish Scottsdale’s vibrant attractions from a beautiful, modern and luxurious apartment. Consider Desert Ridge as your new home.