How to Design a Stylish Children’s Bedroom

Kiran Singh

Bedrooms are often a reflection of our personalities. Are they full of books or shoes? Brightly coloured or more subdued? Children’s bedrooms can be even more important when it comes to showing a child’s unique personality. Children not only sleep in their rooms; they play and work there as well. A stylish child’s room also can withstand the test of time, becoming a stylish bedroom for a preteen and teenager. Here are some tips for designing a stylish bedroom for your child.

Stylish Children's Bedroom

Colours and Accessories

Many designers like the way a white wall looks with colourful accessories. Others use three different colours – one for the ceiling and another for each of the opposite walls. Both styles of rooms can be bright and comforting. These colour choices are wonderful and tend to be timeless, something that allows kids to change their style as they grow older. The accessories in the room, from wall art to pillows, can help give the room a unique and stylish look.

Talking about wall art, you can use wallpaper, paint, murals posters and even puzzles! Now you can get jigsaw puzzles designed by independent artists from all over the world, once done putting it together, why not frame it in and display it? You can even get custom puzzles with your chosen design – so maybe get your favourite photo

These can then be changed as your child grows older. By using the accessories in this way, the room can stay stylish with the changing times, while still maintaining a timeless look overall. All of them seem to agree, however, that less is more.


To create a stylish room, many interior designers recommend that the furniture that you use in your child’s room be timeless and multifunctional. Timeless furniture will grow with your child while multifunctional furniture can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, kids wardrobes at Children’s Bed Centre are stylish and well-built. They can be used to store clothes and toys but also adjusted as the needs of your child change.

Another piece of advice from interior designers is to pick furniture that is neutral. This also applies to paint colours and rugs, but since furniture can be very expensive, it’s important to pick pieces that will last and not need to be replaced. A solid and well-constructed wardrobe, for example, will last for many years.


For many designers, one of the most important aspects of a stylish bedroom for children is allowing them to have input in how it looks. For some, this involves choosing a painting to go with the room as an accessory or letting them pick one of the colours for the walls. This way, they are invested in the room that will be such an important part of their lives. Since their bedroom will be a place that they spend a lot of time, it’s important for them to feel comfortable there. These details can be changed and replaced as their tastes change, but it gives them a feeling of ownership in their rooms.

Having a stylish bedroom for your child is a combination of several details. From a calming and cosy paint scheme, fun and bright accessories, sturdy and timeless furniture, and allowing children to be involved in the process, there are several pieces to the puzzle. By taking all of these aspects together, you can create a stylish and comforting environment for your child.

One thought on “How to Design a Stylish Children’s Bedroom

  1. Brilliant post Kiran! I especially agree with your first point about colours and accessories.

    If your not careful with your decorating, your kid’s room can date very quickly especially in their younger years. Keeping walls plain, and maybe even white, can save you in the long run. You won’t need to redecorate very often, if at all. Instead you can change up the look with coloured bed sheets, accessories and so on.

    Such a great tip that I wish I had thought of before!

    I know you love to change the colours in your home with the seasons, is this something you like to do in all the bedrooms too?

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