As a first-time renter, it’s easy to feel left out of the decorating loop. In the padt, many landlords wouldn’t allow tenants to make changes to their property, but this has now changed over the years as they get their property insured by firms like

As a renter, is it possible to transform your home into a place you love?

There are plenty of ways tenants can add style to rental properties; it just takes a little bit of creative thinking, that’s all. The key to transforming a rental property into a home you love is accessories. It’s amazing how much a few well thought out accessories can change the look of a space.

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By following these awesome tips and ideas, you can add buckets of style and personality to your home:

Removable wallpaper

You may not have heard of removable wallpaper before, but for renters it’s a godsend. Removable wallpaper is an amazing resource – it’s wallpaper that can be applied to any wall and removed easily.

For any renter wanting to jazz up their property, removable wallpaper, also known as contact paper, is the ideal tool. Available in a fantastic selection of colours, styles and patterns, it is an ideal way to add style to any space.

Incorporate a rug

For any room that lacks style, adding a rug just might be the answer. One of the best things about adding a rug to a space is that you can use it to tie all the other design elements of the room together.

While there are plenty of choices of rugs online, for the perfect rug design, why not opt for a bespoke rug for your home? Bespoke rugs are fantastic, as they allow you to design a rug that perfectly fits in with the room’s design and style.

Add shelving

As long as you are willing to fill in any holes you create when you move out, most landlords will be happy for you to put shelving up. Believe it or not, shelving can be fantastic for adding style to a room, just make sure to pick your shelving carefully.

Instead of opting for plain shelving, get creative and think of unique ideas, such as using driftwood as shelving. The more unique your shelving is, the more style it will add to your home. Just remember to pick a style of shelving that works well with the style and colour scheme of your property.

Add personality with photo frames

As well as displaying photo frames on shelves, windowsills and tables, why not create a display wall? As with the shelving, as long as you fill in the holes before you leave, the landlord should have no problem with this.

If you haven’t created a photo display wall before, getting it right can be tricky. However, if you remember these three handy tips, you should be just fine. Tip number one: pick photo frames in various sizes that compliment each other. Tip number two: the centre of your photo display should be at eye level. Tip number three: introduce a focal point – perhaps, one larger photo frame?

With these simple tips and ideas, adding style and personality to a rented property couldn’t be more simple. Just remember, for transforming a rental property into a stylish home, accessories are key.