Lounge room is the most important part of your home when it comes to decor as it where you entertain guests and the area where you spend most of your time.If you are one of the people who has a tiny lounge room, it must be a conundrum to you how to organize your living room without making it seem crowded. You might also be constantly browsing through the internet to check out some clever tips to make it look more spacious than it actually is.

Small Lounge Room

Here, I’ve listed some of the styling hacks that you may want to consider in decorating and organizing your small lounge room to make the most out of your small space.

1. Proper Lighting

Lighting plays an important role on the mood and ambience it creates in your lounge room. With the proper utilization of lighting technique, your tiny living room can look spacious, warm and attractive. A living room should not rely only from one light source as this would not enhance the atmosphere of the entire living room. In transforming your living room into a well-lit abode, it is best to layer your lighting by placing them at different levels in your lounge room and through the use of accent, ambient, and task lighting fixtures. It is important to fix your lighting at different levels and through the use of different types of light fixtures as they serve different purposes. For instance, accent light focuses on a particular area or object, ambient light gives an area an overall illumination while task light increases lighting for specific tasks in an area that already have ambient light. As for the lighting levels, you may want to consider putting a light fixture in a higher level like in the ceiling, medium level or indoor wall sconces and lower level which includes floor lamps and other small light fixtures.

2. You Can’t Go Wrong With White

There is truly an alluring effect about a white living room. If you want to make your lounge room looks bigger, you can’t go wrong with white as it helps in enhancing the sense of space and improves the natural light of your room. An all-white space brings a feeling of calmness and sets an elegant tone to your living room. A white living room is also versatile as it survives any interiors trend. In adding more vibrancy in your white lounge room, you may want to consider incorporating color and texture in furnishings features or include warm timber tones.

3. Opt For Space-Saving Furnitures

In styling your tiny living room, it is imperative to be mindful of the furnitures you’re placing in. So when it comes to shopping for your lounge room, always choose a space-saving furnishing features that could add more personality to your living area. Your main goal is to make your lounge room look more spacious and stuffing it with bigger furnitures would no help in achieving your goal.

4. Replace Your Center Table With an Ottoman

If you want to make your small lounge room cozy, it is always wise to opt for smaller furniture as stated earlier as they help you in maximizing your tiny space. Instead of buying large furnitures like a huge center table that could take up the minimal space you have in your living room, it is advisable to go for an ottoman to maximize every inch of your lounge area. You can use an ottoman either as a replacement for a center table or as a side table or as an extra seating. Either way, you could never go wrong in purchasing an ottoman as it serves a multipurpose in making your lounge area look inviting.

5. Float Your Furniture

If you’re worried that you can no longer enjoy buying furniture because it might only make your lounge room crowded, then think again. There are so many ways to arrange your furnitures that won’t make your living room looks crowded. One way to do it is by floating your furnitures.

This arrangement will make your living room look more spacious. For instance, floating your sofa can give your room a better traffic flow because it creates an instant hallway where foot traffic should flow. Floating your furnitures can also be utilized in dividing up the place. Instead of the normal arrangement of pushing your couches or sofas against the wall, use them as a divider between your living room and kitchen. This way you can partition two different areas in your home.


Owning a tiny living room has its fair share of pros and cons for homeowners. But the way we should see life, we should always try to find beauty even in the smallest and the tiniest room in your home. At the end of the day, it is not actually the size of the place that matters, but the value and comfort it offers to you after a very long tiring day.

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