The dream of many people is to transform their houses into homes. Unfortunately, not many people end up achieving their dreams because, in their minds, they are preoccupied with the world of interior design while forgetting that one does not need to splash the cash on the expensive furniture in an attempt to turn a house into a home. Transforming a house into a home is a process that one can do with the minimum of resources as is going to be shown below.

House into Home

Focus on the Floor Finishes

As stupid as it may sound, the first thing that you need to consider when looking at transforming your house into a home is the floor. Floors are an integral part of your home as they absorb the sound from within. As such, whether your home is fully furnished or not, for as long as you have good floors, you rest assured knowing that you will never feel the echoes of hollowness when talking or moving things around. Not just this but floors also provide the first ‘avenue’ of warmness. A house is only a home if it is warm hence you need your home to be warm by making sure that there are rugs and carpets on the floor to keep one’s feet warm.

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Lighting is also very important when looking to transform your house into a home. Lighting makes home bright or dull depending on one’s preferences. Most people love bright homes and as such we are going to focus on that. To make your home bright, there are two things that you need to consider. First, there is the issue of the paint. Using bright paint will more often than not mean that you will get a bright home. Bright colours perfect for the interior include shades of white, shades of the colour cream, shades of purple colour as well as shades of blue colour. Apart from the paint, the way you design your rooms also adds to how bright or dull the room is. Placing tall furniture away from the windows will let the light in hence creating a brightly lit room while placing tall furniture nearer to the windows will block the light from coming in.

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Showcase the Memories

A house is only a home if there are certain things that tie the home ‘emotionally’ to the occupants. The best way of doing this is to showcase past memories by hanging family portraits on the walls. You can use family photos or even selfies that you took when you went out as a family on a holiday. Better still, you can actually hang portraits that correspond with the purpose of each room. For the kitchen, hang portraits showing your visit to a stunning restaurant where you indulged in foreign delicacies, for your library hang portraits of your trips to a local or international library and if you do have a gaming room, you can also hang portraits of your visit to a and based casino where you played the latest casino games.

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