If you treasure your home, and love to make the most out of it, you may dedicate a lot of your time to thinking up new design ideas. When you purchase a new piece of furniture, or find the perfect choice of wallpaper, do you relish the idea of showing your friends and family? Perhaps, you enjoy staging different areas of your home and thinking about how they will look to visitors. For any interior design enthusiast, it is common to want to show off your beloved property. However, you should also consider the elements of your design scheme that remain hidden. Below are four interior design secrets that will help perfect your home.

Hidden storage solutions

No matter how big, or small, your property is, you should definitely think about introducing hidden storage solutions. They will help you to find space for all your possessions, and will also help you to keep your home neat and tidy. When you are purchasing furniture, try to find options that include hidden storage. For instance, you could buy a coffee table that also doubles up as a storage chest. You should also be on the lookout for roll-under draws, as these will fit neatly under any bed or sofa. The best thing about hidden storage solutions, are that visitors to your house will be oblivious. Instead of being greeted by endless amounts of clutter, your guests will be impressed by a streamline design scheme.

Design Secrets

Secret stairway

A cheeky tip for creating great interest and the illusion of space is the introduction of a secret stairway. This is especially effective in apartments. To achieve this look, you will need to source a staircase, perhaps a spiral one, and position it against a wall in your living space. Then you can either cover the top of the staircase up. If the entire structure is visible, your guests will know that there is no second floor; however, their eyes will be drawn up towards the ceiling and this will help to emphasize the height and space of the room. If you cover up the top of the staircase, there will be no telling whether or not they lead to anywhere. Therefore, you will have created the perfect illusion of increased space.

Make the most of your design scheme

A further way to create the illusion of increased space is by making the most of your design scheme. This doesn’t have to be expensive, as even your choice of paint can have an impact on the size of your rooms. For instance, if you use a light reflective paint, your property will instantly feel bigger and brighter. You could also use your design scheme to create the illusion of period features. Search your local antique stores to find furniture, fireplaces, and ornaments that will help to age your property. Conversely, if you love a modern design scheme, you should look for accessories that will help to make your home look cutting edge.

Secret effects

If you have a luxury design scheme in mind, but you are working on a budget, you should consider using products that will provide you with the best of both worlds. For instance, a company that specialises in garage flooring Atlanta, showcases a high-quality epoxy floor coating system that will look and last like granite. This help you to create a top of the range garage area, without having to pay the full cost of a granite floor.

These types of clever money saving solutions are the perfect secrets to have in your home. You can impress your guests without having to blow your budget.