I love kitchens. They are exciting and vibrant places where you can express yourself in the food that you prepare. Not only are they a functional heart of the house, but they must look attractive and provide space for storage. Many people keep the one they have for many years after it is past its best, but they shouldn’t. Using the latest materials, they could rejuvenate their tired spaces quickly. You might be in that situation now. When you see the range of modern fittings available, you will wish you addressed the problem years ago – why not check out fitted Kitchen Glasgow?

Here is how to transform your kitchen into a trendy space in just one weekend.

The Floor

Even if your kitchen has a tile floor, you can cover it quickly. There are several options available to you. Maybe it is a job you put off because you thought that replacing the tiles would be a messy and expensive job. I have to agree; it would be, but you can cheat.

You can cover the tiles with laminate flooring, vinyl, or carpet. I prefer laminate in this situation because it modernises the room. There are thousands of patterns and shades from which to choose for the boards. Remember to remove the kickboards from below your floor cupboards first.

The Lights

If your kitchen features a central fluorescent fitting, it must look ugly. You can replace it with a modern alternative. Perhaps a brushed steel unit will look fabulous. There is a big range of LED bulbs to suit almost every light fitting these days, and they will be the ideal finishing touch to your project.

Kitchen Lighting

Revamp The Units

You don’t have to replace the cupboards, just fit new fronts on them. High-gloss doors and drawers look brilliant in a modern setting. They are easy to install too. Many of them come in standard sizes, so you only need to drill the holes to accept the hinges. Use your old doors as templates to position the holes accurately. I think the kitchens that feature no handles on the cabinets look fabulous. They use push to open and push to close catches that are simple to attach and relatively cheap too. In no time at all your kitchen could feature bright, modern units that are the envy of your friends. Dare you choose bright yellow or vivid orange?

Renew The Worktops

The worktops are easy to replace. Look at the underside of them in the cupboards below, and you will see that they attach with brackets and screws. Remove them and take off the old counters. Use them as a guide to cut the new pieces to the correct size. Place them on top of the new ones and draw around them. You can cut them with a handsaw if you are careful, or a circular saw if you have experience in using one. You must use a straightedge as a guide for the power saw and clamp it to the worktop at an accurate distance from the blade. It is best to determine that distance by cutting a piece of scrap wood first. Remember to make the cut from underneath so that you don’t chip the edge of the laminate.

If you have the slightest flair for DIY, you can undertake this project.  Though you can complete it in one weekend, take longer if you need to. The vital thing is that you use high-quality materials and work to the best of your ability.