Sadly, our kitchens are the most-neglected rooms in our homes. This is due to the cost of renovating a kitchen. Take a step back and look at your kitchen. Does it need remodelling or updating? Updating your kitchen can be easy, if you know how.

Painted kitchen cupboards

Tip 1: Paint Your Cupboards

Painting your kitchen doesn’t mean daubing the walls. You can update your kitchen in an instant by painting the cabinets. Sanding them down and painting in your favourite colour is an instant way to update the look of your current kitchen. Do you have neutral wall colours, such as beige, grey or cream? If so, you can modernise your kitchen by choosing flattering tones. Think along the lines of pastels and off-colours. Off white cupboards and fixtures look amazing in a grey room. Duck egg blue looks divine in white kitchens. Earthy greens are looking fantastic when contrasted with beige.

Buy new knobs and handles in complementary tones to bring out the look of the kitchen. You can choose from polka dots and candy stripes to set off the overall look of your kitchen. You don’t need to rip the heart out of your kitchen to update it instantly. Painting your cupboards will transform the look of your kitchen.

Tip 2: Inspire Your Kitchen Table

Keeping your kitchen looking pure and beautiful is a must. In fact, the simpler your kitchen is, the greater impact it will have overall. Look at your kitchen table. Does it need something to set the room off? Having a feature on your kitchen table will ensure that your room is modified into an elegant room. Round tablecloths of crisp, white linen ooze class. A glass oversized milk bottle in the centre of the table sets the scene. Add wild-flowers for the country kitchen look. Milk jugs in beautiful tin designs are bang on trend.

Think about how you can update your kitchen table. You don’t have to replace your current table and chairs. You need to think of cost-effective ways of updating it instantly. This is the key to your kitchens success.

Tip 3: Forgo Feature Walls

Feature walls have played a prominent place within our homes over the last five years. If you want a kitchen that stands the test of time, do not add a feature wall into the room. Clean, simple colours ensure that it looks the part. One of the main things about kitchens is that they should be simple and functional.

You should avoid bright colours and feature walls within the kitchen at all costs. Your kitchen area should be practical, airy and fit for purpose. Avoid large wall hangings. Keep it crisp and spacious. After all, the kitchen is the hub of any home.

Tip 4: Replace Worktops

Worn, scratched worktops are the ultimate faux pas. You need to endeavour to replace them if they are looking tired. The best thing about replacing your current worktops is that you can change your kitchen into a designer room for a fraction of the price.