When you think about interior design, you aren’t always decorating your own home. If you want to build a property investment portfolio, you have to learn how to present a rental home. It can be a difficult thing to do because you need to attract all kinds of people. If you put too much of your own tastes into the decor, it could turn off potential renters. Fortunately, there are lots of tips out there on how to go about the task. You can decorate your rental property in a way that will attract a variety of renters without being completely devoid of personality.

Find the Right Property

Starting from the right place will help you begin on the right foot. If you haven’t found your property yet, the first step is to find somewhere suitable. Ideally, you would be able to find somewhere that doesn’t require a lot of work. However, there are obviously lots of other factors to consider. They range from the proximity to schools to the number of bedrooms. If you’re a first-time investor, using a company such as Simiga can make it easier. They can help you find somewhere that will make a good long-term investment.

Decorate Your Buy to Let with These Easy Methods

Colin and Sarah Northway

Stay Neutral

It’s important not to put too much of your personal taste into decorating your buy to let property. One of the best ways to do this is to stick with more neutral colours. You might love that shade of bright purple, but it’s likely to turn off potential tenants. However, neutral doesn’t have to mean light. While lighter colours can be useful for making spaces seem brighter and airier, they have their downsides. They can show up every scuff, mark or scratch that occurs. So try to stick to the darker neutral shades instead.

Focus on Flooring

Your tenants will be walking all over the floors day in and day out. They can see a lot of wear and tear if you aren’t careful. But investing some money in the floors can help.  You would have less chance of having to redo the floors every time one set of tenants moves out, and another moves in. Instead of cheap carpets, go for thicker and more expensive ones that can be shampooed. Another option is to use tile in places like the bathroom, kitchen and perhaps even the hallway.

Keep Your Target Audience in Mind

When you’re decorating, remember to think about who you’re trying to attract. If you’re in a cheaper area with lots of families, your budget will be lower and decorating more practical. Higher end properties might have more of a focus on quality fixtures and fittings to impress the professionals looking to rent there. It’s important that you know where and how to spend your money. Don’t waste it on the things that don’t matter while you neglect the essentials.

Remember that you aren’t decorating your own home. You need to keep the condition of the property in mind when you’re making your choices.