Around all the preoccupations around your moving you probably feel too exhausted and you just want to move in the new property. There are a lot of things to be considered when you change your place of living and one of the most essential ones remains to clean the apartment in an excellent way. To keep your security deposit, you should leave the rooms in an excellent condition and to pay attention to some important details.


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You may think that you have finished with all the arrangements and cleaning procedures, but in case you want to be absolutely sure that you won’t have further problems with the receiving of the deposit, take a look at the following lines.

This article will outline the basic things to take into account when you take up with the final cleaning of the apartment. Here are the basic moments to consider, presented by

The Bathroom

The bathroom tiles need to be cleaned in an immaculate way and the same goes for the tub or the shower. Get rid of the soap scum and of any dirt by using strong detergents. Clean the sink, the toilet and the countertop and do not forget to check the condition of the bathroom drawers. Mop the floor and clean the mirror by using a damp clean cloth. Finally, provide vacuuming of the floors to remove any dirt and dust.

The Kitchen

As far as the kitchen is concerned, you have a lot to clean there. Check out all the cabinets and liners and thoroughly clean them out. Wash them by using a clean cloth and warm water. The countertops should also be cleaned and disinfected with suitable detergents. Check your refrigerator, remove the shelves and clean the carefully to deal with the stains and dirt. Clean the oven and by scrubbing it both from the inside and outside. In case you have a dishwasher, you need to leave it sparkling clean and ready for use. Check the condition of the exhaust fan and clean and provide cleaning, if it is required. Finally, you need to remove all the appliances, to sweep and mop the floors and to vacuum the dirt and particles that may have left.


As for the bedrooms, things are quite easy when you have already emptied the rooms. Make sure that you did excellent vacuuming and mopping of the bedrooms and check out for any dust that may have left. The rooms should be spotless and ready for use for the next tenants.

The Living Rooms

The living rooms should be cleaned in the same manner as the bedrooms , so you had better prepare the mop and vacuum machine if you want to get your deposit back. The place should be left in a perfect condition so do not forget to check every corner and to throw away all the garbage before you leave.

This is your cleaning checklist that will guarantee the receiving of your deposit. Be prepared to give the utmost of your efforts and to devote your free time on the cleaning procedures. This way you can be sure that you will receive your deposit and that you will be able to continue with your moving out without any preoccupations. Use appropriate cleaning equipment to perform the tasks quickly and efficiently. In case you feel that you won’t manage with all the cleaning by yourself, you can always ask a friend to give you a helping hand with the cleaning of the apartment. Leave it spotless and shiny and you will definitely get your deposit back.