water leak damage

If you’ve ever experienced water damage, whether that’s from a burst pipe, a broken water heater or from a water leak from a property above, you will know how expensive and time consuming this type of accident can be. As well as the damage it can do to your ceiling, it can also destroy the furniture, belongings and the flooring in the room beneath it.

If you are looking for a preventative measure against this kind of situation, there is a solution. Barrisol Welch, specialists in installing stretch ceilings, have created a video to demonstrate the capabilities of stretch ceilings if your home ever comes under threat from water damage.

The video below shows the flexibility and durability of the materials Barrisol use to create their stretch ceilings when 40 gallons of water is poured on top of it. The material is so robust that they even let a goldfish swim in the water…no animals were harmed during the making of this video!

That material that was used in the video is called Nereide, a clear skin from the Barrisol translucent range.  As you can see, the material changes form when wet in order to safely collect and hold the water.

If you experience a leak with a stretch ceiling but not sure what to do with the collected water, all you need to do is call Barrisol Welch and they can come to drain the leak by simply removing the panel.

As long as the water hasn’t been sitting in the material for a number of weeks, there is no need to replace the sheet. The material is able to transform back into its original form when heated. With stretch ceilings there’s no need to worry about water damage ever again!

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