Bonsai trees have provided solace to generations of Chinese and then later, Japanese gardeners before making an impression on western culture. Mainly thanks to the Karate Kid Franchise and, more recently, its revival of Cobra Kai. The history of bonsais in China goes back centuries, and it has long since been a form of garden therapy said to do wonders for your mental health. This is said to be because the art of bonsai is centred around caring for the tree and following intricate rules for nurturing the tree. However, does it really work?

Bonsai Therapy Does it Work

The Benefits

There are a number of purported benefits when growing a bonsai tree. They are meant to have both physical and mental health benefits. Bonsais, like many other plants, provide important air purification services inside the home. They are meant to clear out the toxins and chemicals in the room and instead replace them with oxygen. This can then alleviate the symptoms of sore throats, headaches, nausea and even fatigue. In addition, cleaner air helps to clear away the cobwebs in the mind and provide a new perspective.

Bonsais are also wonderful stress relievers. The grower needs to put in a lot of time and effort in order for them to thrive. This requires extreme patience, and the regular watering, pruning, trimming, and fertilising has a calming effect. The care routine can lower your stress levels and also help you to develop more discipline as an individual. Because of this, placing your bonsai somewhere where you will see it a lot can help to diminish your stress levels and feelings of mental exhaustion just by seeing it.

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The Science

There have been a few different studies into the efficacy of bonsai therapy. Art is already widely accepted as a valid therapeutic tool, and gardening is also seen as an extremely beneficial leisure activity. Bonsai therapy is thus a combination of the two as it is the art of cultivating a tree. It integrates relaxation, leisure and art therapy into a singular medium that can help to promote healing.

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The Tree

Bonsai can be an extremely therapeutic practice. However, if it is something that you are interested in, you may not know where to start. The most important element that you need to get right is the tree. There are many different species that have slightly different needs. You can get indoor or outdoor variants depending on what you prefer. Yorkshire Bonsai has a wide range of trees to choose from. They have both junior and mature trees, which means you can either choose to cultivate your tree from infancy or get a tree with a lot of the hard work already done, which may be easier for beginners. They also have the full spectrum of equipment and accessories that you will need, not to mention all the helpful resources they have on their website, which provides all the information and advice needed to keep your tree alive.

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In Conclusion

Bonsai trees have a long history, with the earliest depictions dating back to Tang Dynasty in China. They have enjoyed a consistent popularity for over a thousand years, so surely there is a reason behind this. Their benefits are well documented and the subject of many studies. If you are looking for therapeutic activities or ways to promote mindfulness, then look no further.