The changing of the seasons is the perfect excuse to give your home a bit of a makeover. Trends in summer vary from trends in winter, so it’s a great time to give your home a brand new look.

Big Home Decor Trends This Winter 2014

Here are some ideas based on what’s set to be big this winter:

Rearrange Your Furniture

If you don’t want to make a massive change to your home, simply switching up your current furniture arrangement can make a world of difference. A big trend this winter is to make sure your furniture is away from the walls in a more social setting. More throws and pillows will make it a wonderful place to relax while it’s snowing/raining outside – the more the better! You’ll obviously want to keep your new arrangement tidy, so a housekeeper could be the thing you need. Find housekeepers with Supacare if this sounds good to you.

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Orange is a rich shade that projects happiness. It can help a room come alive, even in the winter months. It even goes well with other wintery shades such as green, blue, and other dark shades. You could even simply use it as an accent colour, keeping the rest of the room fairly neutral. That makes it easy to change up when you fancy another makeover!

Glamorous Accessories

Everybody loves a touch of glamour in the home, and in winter it becomes a must. A few metallic accessories can help you to achieve this look, but you could also try a metallic wall if you want to make a big statement.

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This colour has always been a fabulous colour for winter, and it’s set to be massive this season. When you pair it with gorgeous metallics, it stands out exceptionally well. It goes beautifully with darker shades of brown, beige, green, and more. The choices are endless.


Patterns never go out of style and are perfect for the person who loves to make a statement with the decor of their home. Large polka dots look very retro and are big again this year whether you have them on your clothes or on your walls. Choose it in dark blue or mustard yellow to make it especially suitable for winter!

All White

You might associate white rooms with being cold and unappealing, but you can make them warm and cosy by making sure you add the right accessories. A fluffy rug is a must in the wintertime, and a comfy throw can make the sofa more inviting. Don’t forget to add life with potted plants either! You can then play around with all kinds of shades of white to help you make a cool looking room. To stay one step ahead and prepare for next year in advance, check out this post on key colours for 2015.

Champagne Pink

This shade is sophisticated, so it’s perfect if you want to stay classy with the decor of your home. It works on chairs, blankets, curtains, and even walls. Don’t associate it with little girls rooms anymore – it can work in any room of the home this winter!

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