It’s never an easy choice deciding on designs, themes and decoration choices when it comes to giving your home or particular room a fresh, new look. After all, once it’s done, the paints on the wall, the sofas have been purchased and the curtains are up, it’s going to take a lot of time and effort, as well as money to undo the way you’ve made the room look like, leaving you having to just settle and live with it for a very long time. What’s important to keep in mind is that the most important factor when decorating a room is to know what you want, whether that is style, comfort, or both. Take a living room for example, after a long day at work you want to be to come home and have a place to relax and unwind. Thus, when decorating, think about how you will achieve that and don’t just go for something you believe to be “cool” at the time because you could end up regretting the decision.

So, if you have recently purchased a new place or just feel like refurbishing your home now, here are some of the freshest living room trends of 2015 so far that can help inspire you!

  1. The combination of modern patterns and bright colours

living room trends

Photo Credit to Sunland Group

It might be the safe option, but are you getting a bit bored of black and white? If so, then 2015 is the time to be brave and consider decorating your living room with patterns and colours! Combining bright colours and modern patterns in the right way can bring excellent results. Are you in love with zigzag patterns but don’t want to see them all over the wall? A tip might be to buy a zigzag pattern carpet to add some extra spice to your living room. You can also accessories and add Mediterranean blue or bright orange cushions to an all black room; or a canvas painting on the wall that can act as a feature to the place. Being bold with colours, patters and textures creates strong visual impacts and creates a stylish and energetic environment.


  1. Unique modern lamps and furniture

living room trends 
More and more lamps and furniture in 2015 are being found in the most unconventional shapes. The uniqueness to them can give your living room a stylish futuristic feel and can particularly look great and steal the show in a very minimalistic designed room. When choosing lighting in particular, you need to be aware of the purpose you want it to serve. Do you want your floor lamp to act as the main source of light in the room, or just add more of a background glow? Whatever it is you decide upon, Lampcommerce  supplies a range of lights for you to choose from.


  1. Using eco-friendly, natural materials

living room trends
Photo Credit to Wicker Paradise

If you’re into nature and going green, you should consider using natural materials such as wood and stone to decorate your living room. They can be used in many different ways but a personal favourite are greens walls, also known as a vertical garden. The idea of green wall is simple: build a wall and starting building your own garden in it. Sounds absurd, right? The benefits to this is that it looks great, saves spaces since you can put the plants on the wall rather than the floor or on worktops, and it just makes your living room look fresh! Indoor plants are also known to provide health benefits such as improving air quality. The only downside of having a green wall is the plants need to be maintained regularly which takes a lot of time and effort, and once they begin to deteriorate you will have to keep replacing them.

Reuse, Recycle and D.I.Y.

Photo Credit to Daniel Dudek-Corrigan

Being good to the environment has always been emphasised as being important to maintain. The idea of reusing and recycling glass bottles for example, can be a great and fun idea in making your living room unique and at the same time makes use of your unwanted things. Be creative as there is no right or wrong way when doing this, and if you run out of ideas you can get some inspiration online.