Fashion is one of those things that never stays the same. Whether it’s circular or we get slightly new trends emerging every couple of years, we’re constantly seeing people explore the boundaries of stylistic innovation.

This applies to interior design just as much as it does to the clothes we wear. While you can do your own thing entirely, it can also be nice to stay in the loop with what other people are finding inspiring – from sustainability to minimalism, here are some of the leading interior design trends of 2023.

How are interior design trends evolving in 2023


This first one, sustainability, is more than a trend – in fact, it seems to be more of an existential necessity. However, it is definitely something that we’ve seen grow massively in popularity over the past decade or so.

As people become more and more aware of the environmental impact of their consumption habits, designers such as the team at The Sculpts are having to cater to that awareness, making sustainability a core design principle. From using recycled and sustainable materials to promoting highly energy-efficient home design, sustainability is something that we can expect to see a lot more of in the years to come.

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Bringing the outside in

With most public indoor spaces locked away for long periods of time during the pandemic, many of us found a newfound appreciation for the outdoors. Nature can be incredibly calming and healing, and as a result, it’s become increasingly dominant in interior design.

From encouraging the use of indoor plants to creating living walls and using organic textures, there are nearly endless ways to integrate biophilic design principles into the way you make your home environment. It’s definitely a trend we expect to stay around, and we encourage you to play around with it.

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What about colours?

Colours are constantly going in and out of fashion, and things are no different as we get further into 2023. Deep red is absolutely in, as are wheat field neutrals. Obviously, it’s important to match whatever colour you’re going for with the rest of the home, and you should also use different colours to accentuate different moods depending on the intended purpose of the space. Think soothing, earthy tones in more relaxing environments, and then those more vibrant bright colours where you need to be a little more alert.

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Finally, minimalism – many thought that it was a trend of the past, but we reckon it’s going to continue to thrive as we head into 2023. After all, no one actually enjoys spending time in cluttered spaces, even if those spaces are intentionally cluttered with supposedly decorative items.

That being said, minimalism doesn’t mean that your space has to be empty. Rather, everything needs to serve an aesthetic function – if your coffee table is just there for the sake of and no one uses it, then you likely need to put a little more thought into your approach.

These design trends should have you a little more inspired about what to integrate into your own home. Whether you choose to fill your home with plants or go with avant-garde minimalism, we’re sure you’ll come up with something that’s perfect for you.

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