There is something ever so gratifying about a visit to a day spa. Spending hours being pampered is a feeling we all wish we could have more often, I’m sure. These days, it is not hard to recreate this revered feeling in the home. Not only does pampering yourself feel great, but it also has many health benefits, ranging from stress relief, increased blood circulation, and skin cleansing, amongst others.

There are many elements that make a spa treatment what it is. Ignite all the senses in your spa setting at home; dim the lights, light some candles to add a mood of relaxation, burn some essential oils or use scented bath crystals or liquids to ignite the sense of smell. Topped off with some ambient music, you will soon realise how easy it is to create a spa setting in your very own bathroom.

Home Spa

With just a few touches you can transform your bathroom from the cleaning destination it is to the perfect place to lock the door and spend hours in peace and quiet pampering yourself. Here are my top Home Spa Essentials:

  1. Bath Salts

If you want to feel like you just left a full-body massage, try soaking your body in some salts, specifically Epsom salts. When you soak in Epsom salts, your body absorbs the magnesium. Magnesium is amazing for helping with aching muscles, regulating blood pressure and healing the skin.

  1. Candles

Candles really add a relaxing and romantic mood. I love using them for the home or for my office as they really liven up space and feel homier. I usually love fresh scents like lavender, linen, and sandalwood. These scents are great because they are fairly neutral and remind me of what going to a spa would be like! So turning off the lights will give less strain on your eyes. 

  1. Books or Magazines

Whether I am in a bath or not, I love to read through books and magazines whenever I have downtime. As a creative it’s hard to get inspiration all the time, so seeing what other people are doing helps to give me a new perspective. Not going to lie though, it’s been SO hard to find time to sit and read. So I use bathing time also as a way to catch up on my reading! Baths are just a great time to quiet your mind and relax from the craziness!

  1. Scents

Scents are so important in creating a relaxing environment. I love adding scents through essential oils or candles or even flowers like lavender! I don’t know about you guys, but for me, certain scents can immediately relax me or make me feel happy.  Try using oils also because hot water combined with essential oils can create a spa-like treatment and can ease symptoms of physical ailments. Different oils have properties and benefits. Taking baths with oils is so great since it is so customizable and you can choose certain ones or combinations to suit your needs!

  1. Bath Soaks

You may have heard of Cleopatra who was known to be very beautiful with amazing skin. Bathing in milk and honey is a fantastic way to get soft supple skin! The lactic acid in milk is very exfoliating, and honey is softening, moisturizing, and all-around beautifying. Honey and coconut are two of my favourite ingredients for beauty as they’re very natural and completely moisturizing for the skin!

  1. Your favourite music

  2. Organic, calming and relaxing tea