With Mental Health Week coming up (13-19 May), Wecasa, the at-home mobile cleaning, wellness, beauty and home services app, is on a mission to bring awareness of how self-care and me-time can bring calm, happiness and help with mental health. 

2023 was known as “the silent epidemic” due to the ever-changing workplace still reeling from the pandemic causing 74% of the UK working population to feel “so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope” ultimately resulting in poor mental health. 

We are often guilty of putting everyone before ourselves and letting daily chores take over precious me-time. The mental load, to-do list and juggle can create real anxiety and frustration so make a conscious effort to build self-care and me-time into your lifestyle. Look at your overall time and figure out where there is space for you to be the priority, then schedule this in on an ongoing basis.

Aid Your Mental Health with These Key Lifestyle Changes from Wecasa

Wecasa wants to change this by helping to ease the mental load of their customers with their services and offering advice on how a clearer mind can be achieved over time by making me-time a part of your lifestyle. Here Pierre André and Antoine Chatelain, both founders of Wecasa, share their tips on making it a part of your ongoing lifestyle:

A healing home: The home is a healing zone and one where comfort and happiness should take precedence. Having a clean home makes the mind relax, unwind and focus on putting yourself first. Getting a cleaner or making one day a week your “cleaning day” can take away anxiety, and procrastination and ultimately ease your mind. It is about finding ways to let the daily chores benefit you and not be something you dread as this can truly make your mind and mood spin. 
Be in the moment: We cannot say this enough but turn off your phone or place it in another room. It’s a challenge, we know, but to fully appreciate me-time and self-care you need to be in the moment and block out the outside world – those emails can wait and so can those WhatsApp messages – turn aeroplane mode on and make sure you take a real break from the screen. Zoning in on yourself can make you feel more alive, lessen the mental load and make you appreciate being in the moment.
Book it in, in advance: Another hack is mentally and physically booking it in, in advance. People often feel guilty about booking in time for themselves; however, it is as useful to your mental wellbeing as a routine doctor’s appointment. It often helps to book in your desired me-time in advance to avoid letting it fall to the wayside. Book in multiple appointments, activities and relaxation to fill up the diary. We find that if you do this then it fits into your schedule, and you won’t cancel because it’s already been paid for.
Sleep is everything: Sleep. Being tired can be a detriment to yourself and the way in which you care for yourself. Not only is it good for your body’s repair but it also helps your immune system and stress levels. Things that can help this are all in the above hacks so create a comfortable and clean home environment, turn off your phone and write things down and book them in to allow yourself to sleep soundly.

Wecasa customer, Dina talks about how booking a cleaning service helps with mental health: “For me, it means that I have my evenings and weekends to myself, and I don’t have to prioritise cleaning, which is important. I have a busy job; it’s very time-consuming. It can be very mentally exhausting, and cleaning, while very therapeutic for some people, is not therapeutic for me. It’s like one of these things: I really like the outcome; I just don’t like the journey.”

In addition, Mercedes, a Wecasa customer, added: So, I know that cleaning is something some people love to do. But it’s something that definitely is not at the top of my list and I think with how my mind kind of thinks and processes things, I can allow things to really build up. So, I think being able to control when the cleaning is and also having Doreen (my regular Wecasa cleaner) on hand to help me whenever really helps me to keep on top of the cleanliness of my house and so, my mental health”.

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Mindfulness for our skilled professionals too 

When booking a professional you know that they are being taken good care of as Wecasa does things a little bit differently when it comes to looking after their team. The company prides itself on working closely with local service professionals, enabling them to take their own business to the next level by assisting them in developing their skills, growing their business and ensuring services are localised so they don’t travel more than 3 miles to customer appointments. With these key elements for success, our professionals are part of our mission to help with the mental load by taking some of the stress of running a business from them and helping them to succeed, supporting their dream.

In the past few years, the company has built its network from scratch and has over 2000 skilled professionals on their books, which they are planning to continue to increase in the coming year to help with expansion plans.  

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Fola George, Wecasa professional cleaner said: “The demand for cleaning has increased significantly since the end of the pandemic and the fact that my loyal customers can continue to book me through Wecasa whilst I continue to gather more customers through the app is a massive plus, which helps me to maintain my lifestyle and make work, work around my life.”   

Wecasa has steadily been adding new categories to its line-up of professional service offerings and will continue to do so. Being mindful of our customers as well as our own professional team is of huge importance and an integral part of the company’s mission.

CEO Antoine Chatelain, Wecasa said “We are incredibly excited to be able to continue to offer our UK customers a great variety of at-home services and to continue to be working with some of the most skilled professionals in the industry. We are on a mission to bring awareness of how self-care and me-time can bring calm, happiness and help with mental health. We envisage a world in which self-care fits seamlessly into any schedule — this vision is at the heart of everything we offer.”

Wecasa is your go-to online booking platform and app for mobile at-home cleaning, wellness, beauty and home services, seven days a week. Visit www.wecasa.co.uk for further information and to book now. 

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