The upholstery you choose for your furniture plays a key role in defining the theme of your space. Like most people, you might find it easy to settle on the colour of your sofa fabric. However, you may still find it difficult to consider other important factors when choosing the perfect material. And that’s where we come in. Below we give you 6 amazing tips to keep in mind before picking a sofa upholstery.

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Sofa Upholstery

#1: Consider Durability

Always ensure to cross-examine the upholstery fabric to see if it’s for heavy, medium or light use. It’s the easiest, and fastest way to narrow down your options. If for example, your living room experiences high traffic, you might want to settle on heavy material, and vice versa. Also, feel free to ask the salesperson to help you differentiate the materials if you cannot seem to tell the difference.

#2: Settle on the Mood

Whether you’re purchasing an upholstery material for your new sofa or are looking for a fabric, you must consider the mood you want to create. For instance, do you want to get dramatic, or play cool? Also, you should choose a fabric that will blend well with other surrounding features such as the rugs, throw pillows, and much more.

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#3: Consider adding a Few Patterns

If you’re looking at refreshing your space’s entire look, consider playing around with patterns. But, ensure they complement the size of the sofa. For example, bigger patterns will go well with larger furniture and vice versa. A correct choice of reupholstery patterns will help enhance your sofa’s size. Additionally, you should consider the size of your space when selecting patterns. Bold patterns will bring warmth to your large rooms.

Pro tip: let a professional help you cut the patterned materials to avoid cutting them at wrong angles. The last thing you want is to destroy the beautiful pattern’s symmetric outlook

#4: Do you have Pets or Allergies?

Fluffy-textured sofa materials are almost irresistible. They easily blend into most rooms and give a snuggly feel. But, you might want to stay away from them as they will bring you more harm than good, especially if suffer from allergies. Also, if you have pets, long natural fibres are likely to collect hair and pile up dirt/dust.

To make up for this, you can go for smooth synthetic blends such as the faux suede. The material might not give you the same soft feel of fluffy fabrics, but it’s the closest you’ll get to making your dream come true while keeping safe.

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#6: Consider Maintenance

Various sofa furniture materials have different maintenance needs. Therefore, consider the amount of wear and tear the fabric you choose can withstand. Also, how often are you willing to give your sofa the care it deserves? For example, if you prefer washing your fabrics regularly, try to get a simple, medium to heavy material that can withstand regular cleaning.

Also, pure cotton materials are easy to wash. If you can afford professional cleaning, you can go for any natural blend material. Avoid using cotton and linen materials for furniture that will be exposed to direct sunlight as they tend to fade over time.

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