With the cost of modern living increasing every year, you may be wondering how you will ever be able to own your own home. For this reason, more and more people are getting involved in the ‘tiny house’ movement and creating a home that they can afford.

Building a tiny house brings a lot more benefits besides affordability. Not only are they much better for our environment with less strain on natural resources, but they can be built to be sustainable. They also promote a more simple and uncomplicated lifestyle, with people enjoying the idea of downsizing their lives and having uncluttered spaces.

Tiny House
Image via Unsplash

There are many different creative ways of building a tiny house, with various styles, materials and upcycling options. While most will cost a lot less than a traditional home, let’s look at some more affordable and unique ideas to get you thinking!

1. A home built with only recycled materials

Many people build their tiny houses with traditional building materials that they buy at the store. But making an effort to source second-hand materials is not only great for the environment but will cost you a lot less. Some people have built their tiny homes using nothing but items they’ve found in junkyards or online sales and were able to spend only a few thousand dollars to get everything completed.

2. A caravan or RV

When a caravan is no longer road-worthy, the owners will likely want to sell it cheaply. This is great news for you as you can transform the caravan into a stationary home and you’ll already have a lot of the work done for you.

3. Binishells

Binishells are a unique kind of tiny home that is shaped like a dome. A process similar to a papier-Mache balloon base is used to construct them, and they can withstand extreme weather and environmental conditions.

4. Shipping Containers

Shipping containers have proved to be a popular item to upcycle for tiny houses. They are durable and sturdy and come in a range of sizes that you can work with to create the space that you desire. Windows and doors can be added wherever you like, and you can also add two or three containers together to make a larger space for families.

5. A second-hand garage

Finding a garage that is no longer in use may be perfect for you to build your tiny house. Likely, the garage will already have doors and windows, so you’ll just need to transport it to your chosen property and get started with fitting it out.

Which Affordable Tiny House Idea Do You Like?

As you can see there are so many great ideas for building an affordable tiny house that you can make into a warm and comfortable home. Before making a start on your plans, it’s a good idea to check with your local council to find out the regulations regarding building, plumbing and electricity to make sure that you can build the (affordable) home of your dreams.