Decorating your home during a specific season is exciting. One minute we’re obsessing over pumpkins, next it’s Christmas trees, but that isn’t to say you can’t adopt a specific seasonal style all year around. After all, we spend so much time and money creating the perfect space, we definitely shouldn’t let the opportunity go to waste.

If Halloween is your go-to style, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve created the ultimate guide for a permanent ‘witchy home’. From candles and crystals to spooky art pieces, here’s how to create the perfect witchy space.

Witchy Home Ideas - 10 Magical Things To Do


Plant parents, unite! If you want to add a magical touch to your home, plants deserve a prime spot where they can be easily seen. Plants can add a lot of character to your space and can take a room from dull and lifeless to extraordinary. For a witchy touch, you can experiment with vines that can be easily wrapped around mirrors and placed along fireplaces. Don’t be shy about bringing in larger plants too – these look great in the corners of any room of choice. If you’ve got shelves, you can even experiment with themed pots to add a ‘spellbinding’ touch to your home.

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If there’s one thing every home needs, it’s more positive and abundant energy! You can get all of this with crystals. From traditional rose quartz to amethyst and citrine, crystals are more powerful than most people realise. It’s recommended to keep stones where their specific energy will serve you in the highest way possible. For example, crystals like citrine and aventurine are associated with prosperity, so it would be best to keep them where you tend to work or in a home office. Crystal balls are often made of clarified quartz and are a popular piece to have in homes, particularly if you’re a fan of the occult. These crystals are popular as a mysterious artefacts in TV shows and films, and even online slot games such as Madame Destiny Megaways use this trope with their special crystal ball feature. There is something about crystals which people naturally gravitate towards!

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Candles are representative of many things – love, passion, romance, horror, serenity and so much more. In addition to their beautiful aroma, candles are great to style around your home and create a feeling of ambience to really set the mood. For a horror(ific) twist, opt for more opulent or gothic-looking candlesticks. You can style your candles in a traditional candle holder which can be placed on your fireplace or dining table. Or, add visual interest and use a terrarium to group your bigger candles together. Here, you can play with both height and texture.

Spooky Art Pieces

Want to take your art collection to the next level? Why not decorate your home with some spooky art pieces? Don’t worry, you don’t necessarily have to cover your walls in cobwebs, skulls, bats or headstones. There is a wealth of original and pop culture-inspired Halloween paintings out there just waiting to be hung up on your wall. For some inspiration browse through a few online stores, such as Etsy. The popular hand-crafted store has everything from stylish witch-inspired paintings to artistic impressions of Halloween’s very own Michael Myers. There are paintings of haunted houses too – take your pick!

Skull Decorations

If you’re not particularly keen on hanging art on your walls, don’t worry. Master the ultimate spooky decor with skull decorations. Skull decorations are small, neutral in colour, and can be easily placed anywhere to add a magic touch to your home. You can place your skulls anywhere, from windowsills and shelves to coffee tables, and they can be incorporated in many guises, skull Christmas tree decorations or a skull-shaped vase for spring flowers, for example. If you’re having friends over for dinner, why not create a skull tablescape? Offset the skulls with a black runner and white candlesticks for the ultimate spooky spread.

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Darker Colours

There’s a growing assumption that dark colours are gloomy and depressing, but that’s not the truth at all. Darker colours will work in your favour if you allow them to. When these colours are executed properly, your home will feel dramatic yet equally cosy. A moodily painted dining room, for example, can provide the perfect backdrop to host your spooky, candlelit dinners. To help distribute the colour, introduce different textures and contrasting colours in throws, cushions, ornaments and so forth. Also consider using glossy finishes on trim, ceilings, and architectural details to compliment your spooky space.

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Vases can be a great addition to your home, but you don’t have to style them the traditional way with flowers or pampas. To give your home a ‘bitingly good’ aesthetic, get your teeth into some upcycling. Find some old vases (or buy new ones if you don’t have any) to create a set of faux potion bottles. You can do this by tying a piece of string around the vase opening and attaching a faux tag. This will make your vases look like potion bottles which can be easily styled on shelves, coffee tables, or your very own dining table.

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Astrological Decor

Get lost in the stars with some mesmerising astrological decor. From starry prints to zodiac-inspired wall art, this style is perfect for giving your home an out-of-this-world look! Delve deep into the cosmos to add a magical touch to your home with ornaments, string lights, and even tarot tapestry. You can never have too much magic, right?

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Older furniture

Got a lot of old furniture lying around your home? Before you think about throwing it away, rest assured that older furniture has a lot of character and can easily complement the witchy-inspired decor you seek. Interestingly, decorating with antiques has recently seen a surge in interest with many people going for a recycle and renew approach. Whether it’s a case of incorporating family heirlooms or sourcing ‘new’ antique pieces, they can bring a lot of unique styles to any home. Mix any old, antique pieces with new finds to give your guests a real treat.

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Witchy Inspired Photography

For an added dose of magic to your home, why not incorporate some witch photography on your walls? Witchy photography has many stylistic methods for conveying the magic of light and dark forces. From brighter-styled shots to darker-styled shots or even black-and-white pictures, witchy-inspired photography has everything from candles, smoke, mirrors, and brooms for the ultimate spooky feel!


Creating a spooky space doesn’t have to be challenging or expensive! For a lot of things such as antique furniture or old candle holders, you can upcycle or buy pieces second-hand. Don’t be afraid to experiment with wall prints and witch-inspired photography either. Remember, the magic is in your hands, so go and create the space of your dreams!