In the construction industry and particularly in large construction companies, building in wet, muddy, and unpredictable climatic conditions is an ever-present reality. To ease operations in such conditions, bog mats come in handy. A bog is defined as a wetland ecosystem characterised by wet, muddy ground that easily buckles under heavy weight. Therefore, the term “bog mats” is derived from the conditions in such an environment.

Bog mats have revolutionised construction and demolition activities by allowing easy access to previously impenetrable terrain. More specifically, the mats find use in oil drilling and road construction in wet (rain and snow) dry, harsh, or windy areas. By definition, bog mats are pre-built ground covering boards typically made of timber or hardened plastic that aid construction companies to alleviate ground cover problems and improve mobility for their personnel and heavy equipment in areas with difficult terrain.

Importance of Bog Mats

Bog Mats

Bog mats are frequently used to create temporary pathways on construction sites with uneven or unstable terrain. Thus, the mats provide a firm base for construction personnel and equipment like excavators to traverse the area easily. Over the years, bog mats have become a must-have due to the high level of convenience, durability, portability, and adaptable nature of the tool in multiple ground conditions. The mats are now considered indispensable tools of the construction trade due to the following reasons:

Environmental Protection

World over, it is now compulsory for construction companies to acquire environmental licenses from environmental protection agencies before breaking ground on any construction site. The emphasis on environmental protection has thus become a critical issue for construction companies. Consequently, using bog mats to limit ecological disturbance is among the primary strategies to conserve the environment. Essentially, bog mats offer a lease of life to the plant and animal life in the surrounding environment due to their confined placement around construction sites.

Cost Effectiveness

Bogs mats albeit temporary, offer less costly solutions to an unworkable terrain. Traditionally, companies had to clear roads, which proved time intensive and costly. Bog mats serve the same purpose by providing easy passage for heavy machinery which would otherwise be stuck in the mud. Subsequently, the strategy saves firms invaluable time and dollars that run into their millions. Additionally, bog mats eliminate the risk of accidents which tend to occur on busy, slippery, and muddy construction surfaces.

Safety of Construction Workers and Visitors

Further, bog mats offer safe access to construction sites conferring health and safety advantages. In this case, the mats come in various sizes, colours, shapes, and thicknesses. The different colour coding options can be used to identify walkways for construction workers and visitors while still demarcating areas meant for excavators, cranes, and other earth-moving machines. Therefore, construction workers and visitors can move around the site safely.

Preventing Spillage and Damage to the Site

Bog mats also prevent spillage. JWA oilfield supplies, for example, supplies supply wet weather bog mats that are particularly used in oilfield drilling and swampy areas. The mats create a temporary access road for vehicles to move in and out of drilling and construction sites with ease, thus avoiding spillage of hazardous chemicals that can damage sites.

Reduces the Cost of Reclamation

Bog mats offer huge savings in reclamation costs owing to their pre-built nature and ability to fit in confined spaces. Ideally, the mats leave a significant part of the surrounding environment intact saving the construction company millions of dollars in reclamation expenses.

Protection of a Construction Site All Year Round

One of the common issues in construction projects is unpredictable weather conditions. Such conditions often become disruptive to even the most seasoned construction professionals. With bog mats, companies have an excellent solution to sudden, unpredictable weather conditions. Construction firms can use the mats to ensure a stable surface all year round.

Evidently, bog mats ease the process of construction on wetlands, oilfield drilling sites, rural areas, and other areas with rugged terrain. They also help preserve the environment in the process. The mats are also currently being adopted across the world as a requirement for construction.