Getting locked out or experiencing a burglary comes with the hassle, headache, and unfortunately, a cost. However not all locksmith companies charge the same rates or have the same level of quality, so you must inquire about prices and experience before using a locksmith.

Locksmith prices in the UK vary depending on the company and the type of locksmith services you need. Some companies will add an extra locksmith call-out charge, but a good locksmith won’t have any hidden charges or call-out charges. A quality locksmith can give you an estimate over the phone and an exact price before they begin the work, and a quick online search will yield results of local experts who can assist you. This article will provide an idea of a range of costs you can expect for quality locksmith services, including locksmith prices to change locks in the UK and a general locksmith price list for what you should pay in the UK.

What Is a Fair Price for a Locksmith

How Much are a Locksmith in London and the UK for 2021?

While the average locksmith price varies depending on the locksmith company and locksmith services you need, the range of locksmith prices in London and locksmith cost in the UK can run between £59 to £350 depending on the type of locksmith service, the type of locks you have/want, and several keys you need.

The cost of locksmith services is also dependent on location. For example, costs for locksmith services in London will generally be higher than in other parts of the UK.

The average cost to hire a locksmith in London is about £100.

If you have your locks changed, the cost in the UK, there will be a charge for the labour as well as any parts you need (i.e. new locks). The cost of parts will vary depending on what type of lock you have.

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What Type of Lock Do You Need to Change or Have Rekeyed?

The cost of changing locks in the UK will vary not only by company but also by the type of lock you need to change. For example, lock replacement cost for a budget cylinder will cost less, and a high-security branded cylinder will cost more upfront — but possibly save you from having to deal with a burglary in the future. Euro Locks, Mortice Locks, Smart Locks, Nightlatches and Security Bolts will all be different prices to fix and/or replace due to their unique components. When you call a locksmith company in London, you should ask what their locksmith charges to change locks and let them know what type of lock you have. This will help you get a better estimate for both parts and labour before they come out to complete your work.

Locksmith prices to change locks will usually be the hourly rate. Keep in mind that if you just need one lock changed, they’ll likely get it done within an hour, but if you’re having multiple locks or the whole house/building changed out, this will take more time and therefore cost more.

How Much Is a Locksmith Per Hour in London?

The average hourly rate for a locksmith in London is £75. London’s locksmith hourly prices may be different than areas outside of the city, so it’s important to inquire about your specific location. Prices to get locks changed will take more time and include costs for parts, but when needing a locksmith to unlock a door the price will take less time and therefore be somewhat cheaper.

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Here’s a general locksmith price guide to give you an idea of what to expect. Please note that these prices will vary by location and company.

London Locksmith Prices

Locksmith Job Type Locksmith London prices
Gain access/ Lockout in London Prices will start from £59 and can go up to £250 for high security lock picking
Changing the locks on a new property Prices will start from £90 and can reach the £1,000’s  if there are many doors and locks to install
Emergency Boarding Up Depending on the amount of damage done prices will start from £150 – £350 depending on the amount of damage
Replacing a Mortice lock Labour prices will be approx £75 and the locks start from £55
Changing a Euro Cylinder Labour prices will be Approx £75 and the locks start from £35
Changing a Yale type lock (Rim cylinder) –


Labour prices will be approx £75 and the locks start from £25
Broken key removal price London Labour prices will be approx £75
Post box lock opening and replacement Labour prices will be approx £65 and the locks start from £15

Prices for locksmith service jobs in London (outside office hours from 20:00 to 8:00)

Emergency locksmith costs are typically higher than the daytime rate. But when the security situation can’t wait, you must work with a trusted company that can get to you quickly, 24 hours a day. Mobile locksmith prices can run from £95 per hour to £120 per hour after midnight. Another factor in price may be weekends, bank holidays, Christmas & New Year. The average cost to change locks on a house will increase during these periods.

Your safety and security are undoubtedly worth the locksmith’s hours cost, but in your rush to get your problem solved, be sure to work with a locksmith company whose employees are expertly trained, can show identification from their employer, and have the skills necessary for your residential or commercial locksmith needs.  

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A Fair Price for a Locksmith in London and the UK Must Be Balanced with Quality

It’s important to do your due diligence and find out prices and charges for a locksmith company before you begin work. In addition, keep in mind that price doesn’t always equal quality. You’ll want to check on the reputation, safety measures, and training of the locksmith company.

Welocksmith is available 24 hours a day, has expertly trained locksmiths for both residential and commercial locksmith services, and never charges a call-out fee or adds hidden charges. Contact us today to discuss pricing for your locksmith needs.