Our 2019 summer weather was short-lived, with the rain crossing the UK right now being undesirable! As much as we all want to grasp onto the final weeks of ‘warm weather’, it might be time to accept we are moving into the autumn season rapidly. The colder months will soon be here, which means you should start thinking ahead. What should you be doing to make sure you have the most comfortable winter possible?

Winter Preparation

Heat and Cool More Efficiently

The first and most important thing, you should be thinking about before winter is your heating routine. Using your gas and electricity is never a big issue in the summer months, but soon you will begin to use it regularly. The cold temperatures mean your heating system is much more likely to break down, so checking it now could save you cold feet later on. Depending on how old your boiler is, could mean it’s time for a boiler replacement. If it’s still in good shape (most boilers have a 10-year guarantee), then a boiler service might be more of interest. Whether your boiler is new or old, it can still lack efficiency, so consider a smart home tool to help you regulate your heating usage. Smart thermostats such as Nest can help you. Nest and other smart thermostats learn your living routine and programme themselves accordingly, therefore saving you time and money. If you’re on a budget; however, using your heating sparingly will extend the life of your boiler and keep heating prices down to a minimum.

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Get a Humidifier

Humidifiers are a quick fix for dry winter air, but also have other benefits too such as:

  • Alleviating cold symptoms such as blocked noses and dry throats.
  • Helping with some respiratory problems.
  • Softening dry, scaly skin and cracked lips.
  • Aiding you to have a better nights sleep.

They work by adding moisture to the air, which creates a healthier and more comfortable space to be in all year round, not just winter. It’s worth the money to be comfortable in a season where you’re always coughing, sneezing and repeatedly applying moisturiser! Humidifiers can also help protect your wooden furniture and keep it in excellent condition.

Window Insulation

In winter, you may see a dramatic increase in your energy bills, and also you may feel an uncomfortable draft that wasn’t around before. This is down to your window insulation, and an upgrade may be needed. Cold air can enter through poorly sealed windows, which creates a draft that is not only uncomfortable when all you want to is warm up but also saves you a lot of money on heating your home. The caulk line is the rubber piece that insulates your window, and if this is looking dry or cracked, then you should look at replacing it.

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Insulate Condensate Pipes

Usually, your condensate pipe will be on an outside wall, so in preparation for winter, make sure it is well insulated. In the winter months, the temperature tends to drop below freezing, which will mean the liquid within the condensate pipe will freeze up and cause your boiler to go to a lockout. The easiest way to fix this issue before the winter months is pipe lagging (more commonly known as pipe insulation). By doing this, you are making sure less heat is escaping the pipe, and therefore keeping the water above freezing temperature.

Check Your Fire Places

The best way to give your home a warm, cosy feel is by lighting up your fireplace on a cold winters night. It may seem like a job to light the logs, and it will be too if you prepare it before the winter season. It’s essential to make sure that the fireplace and chimney are in good health, clean and pest free. It’s common that in summer months, you won’t touch that area, which means all sorts of critters could have been hibernating in there, not to mention the build-up of dust and grime that the summer months have given you. The easiest way to solve this issue is to hire a professional chimney sweep, who will clean it out in its full capacity to make sure no animals or debris could potentially catch fire.

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It’s better to start with your winter preparation sooner rather than later, to ensure you are comfortable in the harsh weather we’re expecting this year.

Keep your home warm and cosy all year round with this helpful guide that might help you this summer too! Be alert, and think ahead, that’s the best way to get your winter preparation perfect in 2019.