Watch TV anywhere in your home with the new Wireless HDMI Sender from accessory specialist One For All.  You can now enjoy a movie in your bedroom or watch sport in the kitchen, with no need for a multi-room subscription.

The HDMI Sender transmits an interference-free signal from any A/V device with an HDMI output to another TV or home cinema projector.

It streams Full HD and 3D up to a radius of 30 metres.  Simply ‘plug & play’ and you’ll be up and running in less than two minutes.

You can also use it in your lounge to place the A/V stack on one side of the room and mount your TV on another wall, avoiding the use of unsightly multiple cables.

The Wireless HDMI Sender transmits data on the 5GHz frequency, so there’s no interference from digital handsets or wifi routers that tend to use the more crowded 2.4GHz band.  Inbuilt directional antennae then automatically select the best available channel for optimum viewing quality.

It’s compatible with all Sky, Virgin and Freeview boxes with an HDMI socket, as well as streaming Full HD from Blu-ray players.  You can also transmit wirelessly from your laptop onto a TV or projector.

You’re protected from unwanted sharing by neighbours too, thanks to the security encryption (128/256 bit AES).

Installation is quick and easy.  Simply connect your source TV with the HDMI transmitter unit and set-top box. Next, connect your second TV or projector with the receiver unit, and within a few moments they are paired.  You can then enjoy fully uncompressed transmission up to 1080p and control your set-top box from another room via the Infra Red return path.

There’s no running of cables through your wall or ceiling, and the transmitter and receiver units can be powered directly via the connected devices using USB – so they don’t need mains power leads either.

With a compact and contemporary design, the Wireless HDMI Sender can be placed either out of sight or next to your TV for a hi-tech look in your home.

Offering a wireless, interference-free solution to watching TV anywhere in your home or garden, the HDMI Sender (SV 1760) is priced £199.99.  It is available now on the One For All web shop, as well as  Amazon