Do you feel touched when somebody gives you a birthday card that suits your character to a tee and marks the occasion perfectly? Yes. We all do.

So, it’s really important to return the love. A well-chosen birthday card, which shows lots of thought and effort, has the ability to make your special someone’s birthday extra lovely and memorable.

To help you pick a card that’s sure to be a hit, follow these simple must-dos.

Mark a milestone

Every birthday is a special one, however, there are some milestones that deserve a little extra shout-out. If it’s a ‘big’ one, and they’re turning an age that just can’t go unnoted, go for a card which displays it loud and proud.

From one year old to 21, 30, 40, 60 or even 100! Whatever the number, sending a card with it showcased on the front cover, or even more subtly in the message inside, will help someone celebrate their unique day in style. What’s more, they can keep the card for years to come and be reminded of the special milestone each time they see it.

Choose a card to suit

Perhaps the most important aspect of all is choosing a card that suits your loved one’s personality. A design which resonates with their interests is bound to make them smile, as well as the treasure you for knowing them so well.

So, to get it right, allow yourself plenty of time ahead of their birthday to choose a perfectly fitting card. Basically, it should scream their name as soon as you see it. From foodies to keen cyclists, and classic car enthusiasts to football fans – whatever their passion, there’s a card to suit. Check out these birthday cards from Whistlefish for inspiration.

Birthday card

Floral Garden Happy Birthday Card

Craft a message

Adding a carefully thought-out message in a birthday card is a wonderful personal touch. However, not everybody enjoys describing their emotions, and sometimes the words just don’t come to mind.

Luckily, you can let the card do the talking for you. Opt for a card that expresses exactly what you want to say – whether that’s with the design, words on the cover, or the caption inside. And you can really get creative with this. For example, if your loved one enjoys comedy and you want to tickle them, then why not go for a humorous card. Or, if they love art and creativity, then an art-inspired card is a great option. You can even combine the two with a range of art cards, which have everything from coastal scenes, florals and animals, to witty subjects from talented artist Gerry Plumb.

Birthday card

Lamb-O-Ghini Card by Gerry Plumb

Send it with love

And finally, if you won’t be handing over the card on their birthday, then make sure you leave plenty of time to get it in the post. Opening a perfectly fitting card on their birthday morning is guaranteed to bring your special someone lots of joy and start their special day with a smile!