Then there was light – in the bathroom!

Aqualisa Lumi, the new generation electric shower

Lumi is the new-generation electric shower from Aqualisa that blends mirror and light with impressive showering performance. Gone are the days of a plain white box on the wall – electric showers have been redefined!

With contemporary styling and a band of adjustable, low energy LED illumination across a mirrored glass fascia, Lumi Electric brings light and reflection to the bath or shower room. It can be set to flood the showering area with beautiful, bright light or dimmed for a spa-style accent according to your mood.

Lighting affects mood but bath and shower rooms are often small and lacking in natural light,’ says Simon Cornelius, Aqualisa Senior Product Manager. ‘Our aim with Lumi Electric was to use light to transform even the smallest space into a personal oasis.’

Lumi Electric is available in a choice of white/chrome or satin/chrome trim and is safe and easy to install. It features minimal controls with a sensory power icon and a simple, brushed steel temperature control.  Integrated flow regulators work to stabilise fluctuations in water pressure for safe, consistent, temperatures. It was designed by Aaron Bourne for Aqualisa, voted Which? Best Electric Shower brand.

Aqualisa’s patented OTP (Over Temperature Protection) technology helps avoid temperature inconsistency while a phased shutdown feature flushes leftover hot water through the shower – preventing hot water ‘hangover’ for the next user and minimising the build-up of lime-scale.

Lumi Electric is ideal for main bathrooms and extensions or second bathrooms as it runs from the main water supply and is not dependent on the hot water system. Sassi Electric is in the same range, featuring customisable coloured mosaic inlays for a pop of bright colour.

Link to Lumi and Sassi video: