Accessories can make a huge impact on the home. One accessory in particular that can transform a space is the mirror. Whether you’ve been redecorating and want to add something special or you’re thinking of selling up and want to present your property in the best possible light, this is a quick and easy way of updating a space.

Hanging Mirrors

With the right mirror in the best location, a room can be transformed. Here are some ideas to get you inspired.

Be Clever

Where you hang your mirror can make all the difference. If you’re adding depth to a room, choose a large mirror and hang it where the light can easily reflect off it. Try to avoid hanging it too high up, or else the effect of making the space appear larger will be lost.

Make a Statement

You don’t have to invest in something totally off-the-wall to be a show off, but it helps. Should you want your mirror to be a bombastic accessory that is the focal point of a room, there are plenty out there that fill entire walls or feature glittering embellishments that dazzle in the sun. Take your pick from geometrically-shaped patterns and oversized oblongs and hang it with pride.

I Feel Pretty

From the rustic to the embellished, a lovely mirror can enhance a room. If you’re trying to find ways to maximise space but also want to ensure the room has tasteful décor, a pretty mirror will tick all the boxes. Although it can often be a simple addition, sometimes a well-chosen, beautifully designed mirror is all that’s needed.

Go Outdoors

In these warmer summer months, we’re all outside enjoying the weather. Why not add something special to your outdoor space with a mirror? Not only do these create the illusion of depth for small garden areas, they help to add light in dark corners.

Get Practical

As well as being a thing of beauty, there is a level of practicality that can be applied when choosing a good mirror. For one that is the perfect choice for a dressing room, consider where you want to hang it and then select one that allows you to see your full reflection.

However, practicality doesn’t mean compromise. Whatever dressing-room mirror you opt for, you can still choose one that’s pretty and complements the colour scheme of the room. Think about the space you’d like to hang it in and you will find there are mirrors out there that match.

Are you thinking of investing in a mirror? What style do you have in mind and where are you thinking of hanging it?