Proud homeowners all over the world go to great lengths to create a beautiful bathroom in their home. The installations can cost a fortune, but it is one area where people agree, the expense is worth it. The truth is that you cannot design and fit a high-quality bathroom cheaply. A small budget will inevitably lead to inferior fixtures and fittings that are unlikely to withstand the tests of time well.

Contemporary design is a something that many people think will not suit their homes, but that isn’t the case. The bathroom stands alone in the property and will make a statement. It doesn’t have to match any other room. Perhaps your house is full of memorabilia, and you live a cluttered life. This space could act as an escape where you can clear your mind and reach a state of relaxation. There are no great mysteries behind the designs as you are about to discover. When thinking about the design, take inspiration from many sources such as magazines and the internet. You are sure to find a dream bathroom there.

The Walls And Floor

Most people think that tiles are the only option for the bathroom walls. Are you aware that there are laminated sheets that will do the job just as well? Pay attention to the walls next time you stay in a hotel, and you may come across this product. When the pipework and electrical alterations top the room are complete, clad the walls with these boards. Use instant grab adhesive to fix them in situ. In only a few hours, you can transform a room. The shade and pattern of the product are a personal choice, but I suggest that you avoid dark colours in a small space.

Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas

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There are three options for the floor; laminate, tiles, or vinyl. Tiles are a permanent solution and you cannot change them on a whim. Replacement is likely to be expensive and messy. Laminate and vinyl are cheap and easy to fit.

The Suite

You can install a futuristic suite into rooms of any size. Don’t shop at your local DIY store; look online and in high-class showrooms where you will find pieces by the best designers. Only one rule applies to the bathroom suite; keep it white. Back in the nineteen-eighties there was a trend for avocado suites. Don’t make the same mistake. The taps and other fittings will cost a lot of money, but it is a necessary expense.

Remember to dress your new bathroom with designer contemporary homeware products. The ambiance doesn’t rely entirely on the installation. Beautiful towels, accessories and mats all help to set the scene.

Though you will address the issue of lighting with modern LED bulbs and fittings, pay close attention to the window dressings. Blinds are an ideal solution in a modern bathroom and curtains look out of place.

It is easy to create a modern space where you can escape and recharge your batteries. Use these ideas and adapt them as you need to. The installation could take a couple of weeks to complete, but it will improve the quality of your life, as you will find out.