If you enjoy working on precision projects, you should try marquetry. It sounds complicated, but it isn’t. The skill comes in the steadiness of your hand and a desire for perfection in your work. As you delve deeper into the art of marquetry, you may find the desire to turn your passion into a business. Learning how to create an llc will provide you with the legal and financial protection you need, giving you peace of mind to focus solely on your craft.

In this craft, you use thin layers of wood veneer to cover inferior timber and make it look stunning. The use of many shades allows you to create intricate patterns that make a cheap item look expensive. Anybody can try this hobby. If you start on simple pieces and work your way up to complex patterns, you can create marvellous things. Yes, you will make many mistakes in cutting and applying the veneers, but they will become fewer as your skills increase.

If you find the idea interesting, Here is a fantastic guide to help you start.

The Veneers

There is a vast range of veneers available to you. I suggest you look online for exotic timbers, some of which you may be unfamiliar with. A plank of those materials would cost a fortune, but you will buy it in small thin sheets. It is easy to build up a good stock quite cheaply. Walnut is a beautiful wood that gives a brilliant background into which you inlay your design. Of course, there are many others; it is your choice.

The Process

Start small in the beginning. I suggest you cover a small box with a cheap veneer. Use a suitable adhesive from Glue Guns Direct, or elsewhere online, to coat one side of the project. Apply a sheet of wood to it and use a rolling pin to squeeze out all of the air bubbles and excess glue. Apply a weight or clamp another piece of wood onto it to hold it in place while the glue dries. Use a sharp craft knife to trim the waste from the edges next. Repeat the process on all sides of the box.

Beginners Guide To Marquetry

When the box is complete, use the finest sandpaper you can find to make it smooth. Coat the finished product with several layers of varnish to make it shine.


Thanks to the internet we can buy and download designs for our furniture. From that, you can print out each section and use a temporary adhesive to hold the paper on the wood. Then you follow the lines and cut the pieces with a sharp craft knife. As I said; start with easy projects and work your way up. To begin with, you might not achieve perfection, but your accuracy will improve, so persevere. Practice makes perfect, as they say. There are online courses for everything these days; maybe you could join others on the internet and learn together.

Marquetry is a fun pastime that doesn’t require a superb level of fitness. You should use a magnifying glass to be as accurate as possible. There is a market for beautiful pieces, and you could make a good living if you promote your products in the right way. Because so much work goes into making your products, sell them at a high price. Don’t cheat and buy ready-made inlays, the experts are wise to that. They are cut by machine and are a bit too perfect. When you master this craft, you will enjoy a lifelong hobby and always have something to do in your spare time. Why not suck it and see?