Kitchens are the most expensive part of the home. Modern fitted kitchens with built in appliances cost thousands of pounds. Choosing a simply designed country style kitchen may not be much cheaper when you factor in the cost of all the freestanding dresser furniture. When it is time to refresh our kitchens, replacing the lot and starting again may not be financially viable. Try these top tips for giving your kitchen a fresh glow:

  1. Paint: A fresh coat on painted surfaces will brighten the place up. Try a new colour that will add more vibrancy. You may want to paint every year to remove the stains from cooking and steaming. Keeping the walls fresh will help prevent damp or mildew from taking hold too.

8 Top Tips For A Refreshed Kitchen

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  1. Tiling: Picking some new tiles for the splashbacks can be great fun. You may choose several colours to make a bright mosaic effect. You may also choose to tile the floor with heavy duty slabs or slate to change the feel of the room. These would be more expensive than a lino. Lino flooring can be quickly and easily installed, and comes in a great variety of colours and patterns. The painful part is trying to get rid the old stuff! Old lino is often stuck fast on the floor, and this job may require a floor fitter.

  2. Worktops: Just changing the worktops rather than the entire kitchen can dramatically alter the look of your kitchen. For a trendy, modern look try a dark granite. Darker woods are also popular this year.

  3. Cupboard doors: Providing your kitchen was off the shelf, it should be easy to replace the cupboard doors without needing to rip out the entire kitchen and start again. This task is reasonably simple and can be done on your own with a screwdriver and few other bits. Pick minimal gloss finish doors with chrome handles for a sleek finish. Alternatively, shabby chic is making a comeback. Pick a blue or green rather than boring cream to make a real statement.

  4. Unify your worktop appliances: Buy a set of brightly coloured breakfast appliances. Bold colours like scarlet, pink or sky blue can provide a punch. Most sets include kettle and toaster.

  5. Dining set: It is possible to create a breakfast bar by removing one of your under worktop cupboards. Buying new bar stools online in interesting shapes and bright colours can add some character to the room. Try picking ones that the kids can climb up safely.

  6. Lighting: Adding lighting to your fitted units can be expensive and tricky to install, but will give your kitchen extra light and a new mood. The ceiling light could also be changed. Strips of spots are out, and ceiling LEDs are in, but these need to be installed professionally so will cost a bit to change.

  7. New kitchen table cloth: Most of us pick something vinyl or plasticky for the kids. They come in so many colours and patterns you could match them to the rest of the kitchen for just a couple of pounds.