Now the festive decorations are down, it’s the perfect time to refresh your home. Whether you’re looking to get more out of your apartment or to have a revitalised work from home space, Helen Bowers, Resident Services Manager at Grainger plc’s Clippers Quay, shares their six top tips to help you get started.


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“Refresh your apartment this year by getting rid of those unused items and unnecessary nick-nacks to give your space a more open and orderly feel.

“Before you take on any bigger projects, renovation-wise, be prepared to say goodbye to the old appliances and equipment gathering dust in the corner of your home. Although not the most fun, a deep clear-out means you will have the space required to decorate later down the line.

“As well as making your home look clean and tidy, this technique can also improve productivity and clear the mind, meaning the space is better suited for those who work  from home.”

Make a statement

“If your current décor doesn’t have you wanting to invite friends and family over to show it off, then it’s time for a change.

“This year is about going bold and bright to make a statement in your home and keep spirits high. Adding some accessories or soft furnishings will compliment your new colour scheme too, choose from cushions, rugs, vases, and picture frames to match your individual taste.

“Think bright graphic prints, quirky ornaments and colourful cushions and rugs.

“If you’re looking to make a real statement in your apartment, try creating a picture display wall with different shaped and sized colourful prints or even paint a feature wall to brighten the room.

“Many build-to-rent apartments, including Grainger plc, come with an alterations policy that allows residents to make certain home improvements, providing the walls are returned to the original standard before vacating.

“it’s always worth consulting with your on-site team, who will be on hand to help to ensure that home improvements can be carried out safely.”

Peacock blue statement wall
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More mirrors!

“For those working with slightly smaller spaces, it’s all about mirrors. One of the quickest ways to create the illusion of space is the addition of a large, oversized mirror.

“Apartments can be made to feel more spacious and brighter by getting creative with where we position our mirrors. Placing a mirror adjacent to the window can perfectly catch any available daylight and then cast this throughout the room, brightening up those dark corners.

“Mirrors also reflect artificial light as well as natural light, meaning they effectively give the illusion of more depth and can make even the smallest of rooms appear large and open”

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Lighting matters

“It doesn’t matter how large your apartment is or how chic the décor may be, dull lighting can quickly make any apartment feel dark and in turn dampen your mood.

“If your space is feeling dark, it is the perfect time to give your lightbulbs the refresh they need and swap out any old bulbs for some new, preferably energy-saving ones. You’d be surprised the difference a new set of bulbs can make to the general feel of your home.

“Stylish floor and table lamps can also add extra depth and warmth to your space beyond traditional ceiling lighting.”

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 Add some greenery

“Whether you live in a one-bedroom apartment or a five-bed house, plants are great for breathing life into a room and also making the place feel homely and inviting.

“You don’t need to have a green thumb to incorporate plants into your home as most can be cared for with very little effort or expertise. Providing they can get sunlight, water and nutrients, most plants will be able to live a very happy life. If sunlight is a concern in your apartment, don’t worry as there are numerous plants that can thrive with little to no light.

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Introduce new scents

“Whilst creating a visually appealing home is great, it’s also important to appeal to all the senses – especially smell. One of the first things people notice when they walk into a room is scents set your home off on the right foot by making sure your apartment is always smelling clean and fresh.

“Investing in diffusers, incense and candles can make a huge difference and can help you and others really enjoy spending time in your home. Whether you choose to opt for the relaxing scent of lavender or the more exotic scent of jasmine, give your apartment a signature scent that suits you.”

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