The traditional, rural lifestyle has become more popular recently among those who are longing for its perceived tranquillity, slowness and calm. The pandemic has primarily exacerbated the desire for a simpler lifestyle since people had to spend a lot of time indoors. However, many have also discussed how the rise of aesthetics, such as cottage-core or the rise of farmfluencers, has failed to promote the realities of the lifestyle, which is often far from idyllic and demands quite a lot of work and effort.

Yet, the look remains widespread, and many want to replicate it in their homes. Even if you live in an urban area, you’ve probably considered it after seeing countless examples online. And, of course, there’s no better spot in your home that you can remake to fit this style than the kitchen, which has, in recent years, become more than just a space for cooking or eating. Socialising, entertaining guests and even working are now seen as fitting activities for the area.

Practical, homespun and self-sustaining Recreating the farmhouse kitchen at home


Regarding the farmhouse style, you’ll probably think of practicality. And that’s true. After all, a kitchen should allow you to carry out the normal activities associated with the space, such as meal prepping and cooking. Yet, there’s certainly a particular design as well that people will instantly associate with a rural environment rather than an urban one. The main characteristic of this space is a rustic atmosphere. Hand painted kitchens are a popular addition since they tend to look more natural than other modern alternatives.

Everything from the cabinets to the appliances must feel cosy and warm, giving you a welcoming feeling from the very moment you step through the door. Wood is the preferred material, and it’s not just about the table and chairs. You can bring it out even more by choosing wooden flooring or exposing wooden beams, creating shelving or worktops from the material. Remember that although wood is relatively sturdy, it also demands quite a lot of care and attention to protect it from damage and staining.

The furniture designs should be unpretentious, making them easier to clean and manage. Even if you don’t have a whole farm to tend to, you’ll appreciate the ease of finishing your chores faster.

Butler sink

As the name would suggest, the butler sink hails from London and was a standard fixture in the Butler’s pantry, an area traditionally found between the kitchen and the dining room. The design of the Butler sink is superficial, rectangular and deep, able to fit in many dishes, making washing more efficient and comfortable. They are made from ceramic and typically come exposed at the front. Their general robustness has made them one of the most easily recognisable features of a cottage-style kitchen.

If you want something extra durable, just in case, look for an alternative made from fireclay, a reinforced material that’s considerably sturdier than the classic porcelain options.

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Pot racks

The concept of a pot rack is almost synonymous with the farmhouse kitchen. It helps free up space and is also efficient since all your pots and pans are within reach. This is the way to go if you’ve been looking to free up some space in your cabinets. There’s, of course, the decorative value of these features. However, you must also remember to make your choice carefully. The racks come in many shapes and sizes. If you have many items, some of which are considerably heavy, choose something strong enough to withstand their weight.

There are three main categories of pot racks: wall-mounted, free-standing or hanging. The first typically resembles hanging shelves, while the free-standing option is placed on the ground and has wood shelving supporting the pots at different levels. The hanging racks are the most common alternative and generally come with extension hooks and chains.

Wood finishes

The use of wood pertains to more than just cabinets, and there are additional features that you can use. Wall panelling is one of them, as it brings extra warmth and texture into the room, just the things a farmhouse kitchen should have. Choose light, soft colours, such as brown, instead of something more modern, such as charcoal grey or navy blue. A more straightforward colour palette will bring out the natural beauty of the material and make your kitchen brighter and roomier.

To bring in something entirely reminiscent of farm life, you can look for pieces created by local artisans or which feature traditional design patterns and motifs. This ensures that you can get wholly unique items and also support your community in the process—a win-win situation.

Cottage-Style Decorating
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The ideal homestead kitchen is the one that makes the most out of every single inch of space it has at its disposal. A built-in banquette around the kitchen table allows more people to gather around. Add some pendant lights above to bring a sense of holiday even during everyday meals. Smaller appliances, including microwaves and coffee machines, can take up a lot of space on the countertop, so you should make sure to have enough storage space for all your items.

If they’re put away, out of view, your kitchen will look more put-together and orderly, and the devices are protected much better.

Natural colours

Homestead kitchen design isn’t focused on minimalism but doesn’t like bright and bold colours. Instead, you should be somewhere in between and add colour but in shades that are soft and inspired by natural landscapes. Sky blue and deep forest green are the most obvious options. They blend well with the natural colours of wood furniture as well.

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Additional features

It’s all in the details with the cottage style, so you must pay attention to the details. Getting open shelves in front of the windows, for example, is the best way to grow fresh herbs throughout the year. Add ventilation features to your drawers to keep vegetables fresh for longer. Getting a deep freezer keeps any bulk purchases and home-cooked meals such as soups, sauces and stews at the right temperature until they can be served.

Creating a kitchen that seems straight out of a rural setting will take some time and effort but can be pretty easy to achieve when you know the basics and start with a plan.