When you know someone loves to cook, it can make shopping for them a lot easier. Buying them something for the kitchen is almost guaranteed to be successful when you want to get them a gift. But you can also find yourself overwhelmed by how many potential gifts there are for the kitchen. You don’t want to buy something that won’t get used or that perhaps the person already has. You also want to avoid any gifts that could take up too much space or don’t work as well as you think they will.

A good way to choose the right gift for the kitchen is to think about its purpose. Do you want to get them something practical, something to inspire them or maybe even just something whimsical? Try these ideas to find the perfect gift.

Perfect Kitchen Gifts for Enthusiastic Cooks

Something Essential and Functional

Some cooks are all about no-nonsense cooking. They don’t want to mess around with gadgets or try out exotic ingredients. If you’re buying a gift for this type of person, you might want to consider options that are vital for the kitchen and provide a core function. But just because it’s practical, doesn’t mean it can’t be personal. A personalised oak chopping board both fulfils an essential function and can be a touching gift. It’s durable and long-lasting, while also being stylish enough to take pride of place in any kitchen. You can choose a size that works for the available space and personalise it with a name or other details.

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Something for the Gadget Lover

If you know someone who can’t resist a kitchen gadget, this can often be a fantastic inspiration for a gift. Of course, knowing which gadget to choose isn’t always easy. Some can be extremely useful, while others might be used once and then relegated to the back of a drawer. It’s a good idea to consider both functionality and likely frequency of use. A set of herb scissors, for example, might get a lot of use or a vegetable chopper might be handy.

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Something to Inspire

Those who like to get creative in the kitchen can appreciate something to inspire them. This could mean that a new cookbook is the perfect gift for any occasion. You might have some knowledge of what type of cuisine they’re interested in or if there’s a certain aspect of cooking or food they like, such as the scientific elements. Another gift that could be inspiring is something they can cook with. Getting them some interesting ingredients or a voucher they can spend with a unique retailer could also allow them to try some new things.

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Something to Wear

It’s not necessary to get dressed up for cooking, but serious cooks can appreciate something to protect their clothes. A beautiful and functional apron or a personalised chef jacket or whites could be appropriate gifts for some people. Perhaps even a hat to wear in the kitchen could be a fun gift, especially for someone who wants to keep their hair off their face. Other practical, wearable gifts could work too. A set of gloves to protect their hands and keep them clean or maybe some goggles to wear while chopping onions might be well received.

Something Beautiful

Not everything in the kitchen has to be functional. Sometimes it’s just there to make the kitchen look nice. For people who love cooking, part of it can be spending time in the kitchen and enjoying the atmosphere. If you’re thinking of buying a gift more for its aesthetics than what it can do, there are all sorts of decorative kitchen items you could consider. From wall clocks to vases or even kitchen artwork, you have plenty of choices. Of course, some gifts can be both beautiful and functional, so you don’t have to choose between the two.

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Something Silly

When you’re looking for someone who’s a keen cook but also has a playful side, getting them a novel or silly gift is a great idea. There are lots of fun items designed for the kitchen, including both practical things and decorative items. Why buy a boring utensil rest when you could buy one that looks like a crab? Why get a simple spoon when you could get an automatic pan stirrer? These gifts might be silly but they can have their uses, as well as giving everyone a laugh.

With so many possible options for enthusiastic cooks, it helps to think about their cooking style and what motivates them. This should help you choose a gift that they’ll appreciate.