Swimming pools have come a long way from the traditional rectangular, chlorine-filled boxes we all remember. Nowadays, custom pool designs have taken centre stage, offering homeowners a unique blend of luxury, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re planning to install a new pool or revamp an existing one, we’ll reveal the top trends in custom pool design that you should know about and you’ll learn more about the best pool builders too.

7 Top Trends in Custom Pool Design

1. Natural Pools – A Touch of Nature in Your Backyard

Natural pools are gaining popularity for their eco-friendly approach and organic aesthetics. Unlike conventional pools, natural pools use plants and biological filters instead of chemicals to keep the water clean. This trend is perfect for those who want a swimming experience that feels like a dip in a serene, natural pond.


  • Eco-friendly – No need for harsh chemicals.
  • Low maintenance – Biological filtration systems do much of the work.
  • Aesthetic appeal – Blends seamlessly with natural landscaping.

2. Infinity Pools – The Illusion of Boundless Water

Infinity pools, or vanishing edge pools, create a visual effect where the water appears to extend infinitely into the horizon. This design is particularly popular in locations with stunning views, such as hillsides or beachfront properties. The illusion of a never-ending pool adds a dramatic and luxurious touch to any home.


  • Stunning visuals – Perfect for properties with scenic views.
  • Luxurious feel – Adds a high-end, resort-like vibe.
  • Increases property value – High aesthetic appeal boosts home value.

3. Smart Pools – High-Tech Swimming Solutions

The integration of technology into pool design has given rise to smart pools. These pools come equipped with advanced features like automated cleaning systems, remote-controlled lighting, and temperature controls. Some even have voice-activated systems and can be controlled via smartphone apps, offering convenience and enhanced user experience.


  • Convenience – Control pool functions from anywhere.
  • Energy-efficient – Optimizes energy use, reducing costs.
  • Enhanced safety – Automated systems can include safety alerts.
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4. Plunge Pools – Compact and Chic

Plunge pools are small, deep pools designed for soaking and relaxation rather than swimming laps. They are ideal for homes with limited space or for those who prefer a more intimate swimming experience. Despite their compact size, plunge pools can be customized with features like jets, heating, and stylish finishes.


  • Space-saving – Perfect for smaller backyards.
  • Cost-effective – Generally cheaper to install and maintain.
  • Versatile – Can be heated for year-round use.

5. Fire and Water Features – Dramatic and Inviting

Combining fire and water elements is a trend that brings a dramatic flair to pool design. Fire features like fire pits, bowls, and torches juxtapose beautifully with the calming effect of water, creating a captivating and inviting atmosphere. These features are perfect for evening gatherings and add a unique aesthetic dimension to any pool area.


  • Visual appeal – Creates a stunning contrast between elements.
  • Ambiance – Enhances the pool area’s atmosphere.
  • Multi-functional – Great for both day and night use.

6. Beach Entry Pools – Gradual and Elegant

Beach entry pools, also known as zero entry pools, feature a gradual slope that mimics the natural entry of a beach. This design eliminates the need for steps or ladders, making it accessible for all ages and abilities. It also provides a unique and elegant look, making your backyard feel like a private resort.


  • Accessibility – Easy entry for children, elderly, and people with disabilities.
  • Aesthetic appeal – Provides a natural, beach-like feel.
  • Versatile design – Can be integrated with various landscaping elements.

7. Customized Shapes and Features – Personalized Luxury

One of the most exciting trends in custom pool design is the move away from traditional shapes to more personalized, freeform designs. Homeowners are now opting for pools that reflect their personal style and complement their outdoor living spaces. This trend includes incorporating unique features like waterfalls, rock formations, and swim-up bars.


  • Personalization – Tailor the pool to your specific tastes and needs.
  • Enhanced landscaping – Integrates seamlessly with your outdoor space.
  • Unique features – Adds distinctiveness and luxury.
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Choosing a Good Pool Builder

Selecting the right pool builder is crucial to ensuring your dream pool becomes a reality. Here are some key factors to consider when choosing a pool builder:

Experience and Reputation – Look for builders with a solid track record and positive customer reviews. An experienced builder will have a portfolio of past projects and can provide references.

Licensing and Insurance – Ensure the builder is properly licensed and insured. This protects you in case of accidents or issues during construction.

Design Capabilities – Choose a builder who can offer custom design solutions that meet your specific needs and preferences. They should be able to show you 3D renderings or detailed plans.

Transparency and Communication – A good builder will be upfront about costs, timelines, and any potential challenges. They should keep you informed throughout the entire process.

Warranty and Support – Ask about warranties on workmanship and materials. A reputable builder will stand by their work and provide support if any issues arise after completion.

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Final Thoughts

Custom pool design is no longer just about having a place to swim; it’s about creating a luxurious, functional, and aesthetically pleasing outdoor living space. These top trends offer a range of options to suit different tastes, budgets, and spaces, ensuring that your pool is not only a place to cool off but a centrepiece of your home.

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