Garden sculptures and statues serve a decorative purpose and can transform any outdoor space with style and artistry. An outdoor sculpture can add sophistication to your garden, it is both a visual and atmospheric feature that reveals a glimpse of your character and style. Unfortunately, this aspect of landscaping is often considered an afterthought and a lot of people add statues simply on a whim.

That shouldn’t be the case since each place has a story to tell and your choice of sculpture can help your garden express its uniqueness. A carefully chosen sculpture can bring focus and structure to an outdoor space and there is a vast range of shapes, sizes, styles and materials you can choose from. You can find an outdoor sculpture that suits both your garden and your budget and here is what you need to consider before making a purchase.

Outdoor Sculpture: Add A Splash of Style and a Whole Lot of Charm to Your Garden

What Materials are Used for Outdoor Sculptures?

A sculpture is a type of artwork, three-dimensional and made by shaping or combining hard materials. The material your garden statue is made of can affect the overall style you are going for and it can impact how long the statue will last.


Stone is a very beautiful, but very challenging material for statues and sculptures. Sometimes only one wrong stroke of the hammer on the chisel can be all it takes for the statue to be permanently marred or ruined. As a  result, stone sculptures can often come with a high price tag since they are very difficult to create. However, natural stone is a non-porous and long-lasting material, therefore a worthwhile investment.


For centuries, bronze material has been used for creating sculptures. Bronze sculptures age to an attractive green hue and require very little maintenance, two of the main reasons that make them a popular choice.

Stainless Steel

Outdoor sculptures made from stainless steel are durable and corrosion-resistant. When compared to other materials, these sculptures are heavier and sturdier. They look best in modern landscapes.


Marble is an easy material to work with and as it ages, the marble becomes more durable and harder, which gives the sculptures and statues a long-lasting effect. Also, it’s great for outdoor use as it’s weather resistant.

How Much Space Do You Have Available?

If you have a large garden, you can opt for a big piece and place it in the centre of your lawn, while for a smaller garden, you can choose smaller sculptures and place them along the pathway or within wall nooks. Large pieces act as a focal point and draw the eye to an area, while smaller sculptures can create a beautiful atmosphere and serve as an accent to your garden.

A life-size or bigger statue is a great choice if you want to emphasise your garden. It can be a focal point elevated within a bed or placed at the end of the path. You may consider life-size, especially when it comes to human figures or animal sculptures, but don’t forget to consider the distance from which the sculpture will be viewed.

If it will be primarily viewed from a distance, then you may opt for a large statue. But if the statue you want to add to your garden is less than life-size, then you can use it among plants with small scale foliage.

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What’s the Right Style of Sculpture for Your Garden?

For a successful look, you want your garden to align with the architecture of your house. Introducing a sculpture into the garden is a great way to make it feel like an extension of your home. Even a small sculpture can be a great addition to your outdoor space as long as it matches your style.

The good news is that there is a vast range of sculptures and statues available on the market, so you can surely find what will match your style. So, for a modern, minimalistic style home, you can choose a contemporary or abstract stone or bronze sculpture, while for a traditional style living space, you can go with a more formal sculpture made of marble.

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Is Working with Multiple Pieces a Good Idea?

Yes, but you need to make sure to place your statues and sculptures properly because multiple art pieces placed incorrectly can give a cluttered and unorganised look to your outdoor space. If your garden is large, similar pieces can be arranged within sight of one another, but if they are dissimilar, the best you can do is site them in smaller vignettes, so they won’t be all seen at once.

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Can the Surrounding Environment Make a Difference?

The plants that will surround your sculpture can make a big difference to the look of your garden. You can choose plants that will complement the sculpture or contrast it. Also, make sure they don’t obscure the sculpture from view. When choosing plants for your garden, keep the seasons in mind as their flowering may impact the overall look of the sculpture or the garden.

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Additional Elements that Can Tie the Entire Garden Together

If you are thinking about adding more style and charm to your outdoor space, you may consider stone water features. This is one of the easiest yet effective ways to liven up the landscape and create a beautiful oasis in your garden. From small ponds to large pools with showpiece fountains, you can choose the water feature that meets your style and preferences.

Adding a water feature to the garden was popular centuries ago and it’s back in trend again. Watching and listening to a gentle water flow has a calming effect and encourages relaxation, which can be quite beneficial in these stressful times we’re living. You can choose stone water features that create distinctive energy and add movement and a lively atmosphere to any garden.

While it will undoubtedly bring freshness and charm, introducing water features into your garden is more than aesthetics. Additionally, they can provide a self-sustaining ecosystem as well, which will attract and sustain native wildlife in your backyard.

If you are a nature lover, this might be a great solution for you as you will be able to prove a haven for native birds, butterflies or insects by adding aquatic planting to your water feature. However, if there are pets and kids in your family, installing a water feature may not be the best idea for your garden.

For that matter, you may consider pondless water features as they don’t pose safety risks for families with children and pets. Also, they are a great solution if you are looking for a water feature that requires less maintenance.

In the end, whatever you choose, a sculpture, water feature, or both, make sure they are truly your favourite. Avoid following the latest trends, but think about the garden you want to have and choose the style that will help you create it.

Outdoor Sculpture: Add A Splash of Style and a Whole Lot of Charm to Your Garden