Bed making is closely related to the level of sleep experience that you are going to get from it. People mostly find it to be a monotonous job just like other household chores. There are several benefits that you can get by preparing your bed nicely every morning. We are sharing with you a series of steps that will make it look nice, fresh bed and welcoming.

Invest in a good quality and affordable bedding

Buy the best quality linens that you can afford. Good bedding looks is an investment that can easily last for several years and offer greater comfort. They are a lot cheaper than sheets and pillowcases.

If you are looking for a good quality mattress that enhances your sleep mattress, then you must read some reviews about them. visit to read more one of the most trusted mattresses guides and reviews website.

Pick the right mattress

Get linen for warm as well as cold weather. It is the best practice to keep switching things every six months. If you can’t afford to buy real linen that gives coolness in the summer season, then consider buying 100% linen pillowcases. Such linens become better with passing years. Go for one that is within your budget, soft, and eco-friendly alternative. Keep changing your bedding at once in a week.

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Clean your bed and properly fit the fitted sheet

To properly clean your bed, the first and foremost step is to take off the mattress, pillow covers, duvet, and items that are present on it. It is advised to leave the fitted sheet and ensure if any portion of it has become loose at the time of the night.

If any part of it is coming out from the bed, then you must tuck it inside under the mattress. Ensure that the sheet uniformly fits at each edge. If you find any stretching of the sheet, or any crease and wrinkles, then it would indicate that you have selected the wrong size for a mattress.

Add the top sheet

Not every person uses a thick material of top sheet above the fitted sheet, but they are significant if you need a luxurious hotel bed experience. To add the topmost sheet properly, you need to properly align its top end with the mattress head and then spread it above the mattress in such a way that each side of it hangs downward in an equal length. Now tuck the top sheet below the mattress.

Add the blanket/duvet

Make your blanket ready by spreading uniformly on the mattress. Overhang an equal portion of it on each side. Now leave a minimum of 6 inches gap between the head of the mattress and the top edge of the blanket. Now take the top bedsheet and fold it nicely so that it completely covers the top portion of the blanket and leaves some space for the pillows.

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Keeping your pillows

Give your pillows a shake to even out them. Do it prior to putting them on the blanket. You can even place any additional cushions or comforters that you would like to have. This will give you a comfortable, well-prepared bed for the night.

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Try some new styles

Once you have got the basics right, you can even try out some other bed making styles. You will get several videos online that will help you learn how to create a vintage bedroom, modern bedroom or a minimalist bedroom.


The better your sleep, the more productive you will be at your workplace. Implementation of these tips will definitely improve your lifestyle and health significantly.