• Men’s Health Week (12th – 19th June 2022) aims to raise awareness of health problems faced by men of all ages.
  • Nutriburst, working alongside nutritionist Jenny Tschiesche, highlights the prevalence of Type 2 diabetes in males, and the importance of incorporating essential nutrients and vitamins into their diets.
  • Tschiesche states there are numerous risk factors for diabetes and addressing them earlier on could prevent rapid development.

MUH - Leading nutritionist shares top nutritional tips for men in honour of Men’s Health Week

As Men’s Health Week approaches (12th – 19th June 2022), there’s never been a more important time to raise awareness of widespread health problems faced by a multitude of men.

Type 2 Diabetes, in particular, has become more prevalent among men than women, and the risk of development has also been shown to increase with age.

In fact, one in ten Brits over the age of 40 now have type 2 diabetes, and the number of people living with diabetes in the UK has reached 4.7 million, which is expected to reach 5.5 million by 2030.

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The UK’s leading sugar-free and vegan vitamin gummies brand, nutriburst, is working together with leading nutritionist Jenny Tschiesche, to offer advice on how to address this common health condition, encouraging men to incorporate vital vitamins into their diets to minimise the predisposing risk factors. You can click here to learn even more about the extensive benefits of incorporating multivitamins into your diet.

Jenny comments: “Detecting diabetic risk factors earlier is crucial, to help ensure that men of all ages are treated more quickly and feel supported in engaging in healthier lifestyle choices and activities.”

Type 2 Diabetes is the most common hormone-based disorder, and metformin is the most commonly prescribed medication. Metformin has been found to interfere with calcium metabolism, which can affect B12 absorption. Therefore, taking vitamin B12 and calcium supplementation whilst on metformin can make up for these shortfalls.

Low zinc levels are also found in those with prediabetes, as zinc is significantly associated with beta-cell function and insulin resistance.

Jenny adds: “Men can find these vital nutrients in nutriburst Health & Vitality Multivitamins, alongside their Healthy Muscles & Bones vitamins, which I’d recommend taking daily”.

Leading nutritionist shares top nutritional tips for men in honour of Men’s Health Week

Jenny offers her advice on how to reduce the risk factors associated with diabetes, as part of a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Adhere to a lower glycaemic index diet: Some of the best and most well-recognised ways of eating to help reduce the likelihood of type 2 Diabetes are to consume lower glycaemic index food and drink choices, in order to lower carbohydrate ingestion
  2. Take nutriburst gummies daily: Incorporating vitamins into an everyday lifestyle and daily routine can help minimise the predisposing factors known to contribute to Type 2 diabetes:
    • Health & Vitality Multivitamins: These all-encompassing vitamins are specifically tailored to fit nutritional needs. The gummies contain vitamin C and zinc which work together to support the immune system, while B vitamins help to reduce tiredness and fatigue
    • Healthy Muscles & Bones: The vitamins contain both calcium and vitamin D, contributing to normal energy-yielding metabolism and the functioning of the immune system
  3. Stop smoking: Smoking is an independent risk factor for diabetes, which increases the risk of complications such as heart disease, stroke, and circulation problems. This professional cosmetic dentist in Avon Lake also adds that smoking is detrimental to your dental health. Smoking can cause oral cancer, gingivitis, and other oral health issues.
  4. Reduce alcohol intake: Excess alcohol intake is associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, so it’s important to minimise alcohol intake

Available in widely recycled packaging, the nutriburst products are all suitable for vegetarians and vegans, whilst also being gluten-free, sugar-free, halal, cruelty-free, and non-GMO.  The full range is available to purchase online at http://www.nutriburstvitamins.com.

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