Crime, unfortunately, is a fact of life. In England and Wales between 2019 and 2020, there were around burglaries. While that might not, to some people, seem a large figure (considering that there are about 24 million houses in those areas) when you are a victim of a burglary statistics don’t mean an awful lot. Obviously, some of these burglaries targeted businesses. But the violation of our homes is especially distressing and many people are finding ways to reduce the risk, including the use and benefits of CCTV cameras. So how can they help you protect your home?

Ideas To Protect Your Home With Security Cameras

Points of entry

Burglars rarely use the front door, especially if it’s not obscured by trees or other buildings and is visible to your neighbours or close to a busy road.

French/patio doors, basement doors, windows at the back of the property and so on are all potential points of entry. You don’t need a camera at each one, but strategically placed cameras that cover these areas can provide an effective deterrent.

Check who’s at the door

In more remote areas or at homes with large porches, trees and hedges that provide a screen and so on, it’s a good idea to install a camera to check who is calling. Opportunist thieves will sometimes knock to see if anyone is home. A motion-activated camera is ideal for catching them out, whether you are home or not. This saves on data storage too. You can choose whether to have a small, hidden camera or a visible deterrent – just make sure it is out of reach.

Modern technology

Innovative new gadgets allow us to be connected in a range of ways. We can link CCTV cameras to our laptops and smartphones to check up on our homes in real-time, giving us greater peace of mind. And should we spot anyone ‘untoward’ there is the option of alerting the police and even, in some cases, deterring the would-be burglar by speaking to them.

Monitor your grounds

For properties with large grounds, cameras can be placed at the perimeter to give 360 coverage in most cases. Again, they can be used as a deterrent, but should any crime take place the footage can be used as evidence.

Protect your garage

A big target for thieves; aside from your car, many people store power tools, bikes, motorcycles and a whole range of other tempting goodies that are often on display when the doors are open. And most are not adequately secure. A visible, out of reach CCTV camera installed nearby will make someone think twice about breaking in. Again, using a remote-access camera allows you to check-in when you’re away.

The benefits of CCTV cameras are clear; first and foremost, they provide a deterrent. The figure quoted at the start of this article is 35,000 down on the previous year, proving that burglaries are decreasing in number. This is because the technology has become more affordable, allowing more people to protect their homes. Not only does this bring peace of mind, but it also lowers insurance premiums, which is good news for us all.