A beach house is a perfect escape from your busy day to day life. Many people in the UK are now investing in a beach house as a second home, where they can go when they need a break. Creating the ideal beach house experience is not all about finding a fantastic property. Once you have bought your home, you will need to do a bit of work to ensure that you feel comfortable and relaxed in the beach house.

Many of us opt to go abroad to see the sea. It is odd how people in the UK neglect their beautiful coastline. There are so many wonderful beaches and coves within the region. We should be making the most of the stunning scenery right on our own doorstep. Investing in a beach house in the UK means embracing our unique landscapes and enjoying what the island has to offer. Here is a quick guide to making your beach house perfect.

Beach House

The Perfect Location

No matter where you live in the UK, you will never be too far away from a beach. Find a location that is easy to drive to or to get to by train. You will want to make the most out of your beach house once you have it, so make sure it’s easy for you to get there on a regular basis. For example, if you live in central London, look at estate agents in Thorpe Bay or Southend. The beaches surrounding the UK have a great deal of character, so wherever you choose, you will find something to love.

Decorating Your New Home

When decorating your beach house you will need to use a little imagination. The property is a holiday home, not your permanent house. So you can have a little fun with the décor. You can make decorating into a family activity by having your children help you paint the walls. Have everybody in your family dip their hands in paint and make a wall of hands in your house. The beach house needs to be personal to you, so decorate it to suit your personality. There are many pieces you can make that you might want to include in the house, which will give it character.

Create A Relaxation Den

Your beach house is your escape from the world. Create a room within the house, which is just for you. Paint the walls a neutral colour and put a sofa or couch in the room. You can jazz the room up by adding candles and scented oils. The relaxation room is where you can go and shut out the rest of the world.

Cottage-Style Decorating
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Make Your Own Furniture

Your beach house furniture should look rustic and worn. This style of furniture will give the home an altogether European style. You can use battered and old furniture to create rustic style gems. Paint old wooden furniture white or a pale pastel colour. Don’t worry about doing the perfect paint job, just slap the paint on in a haphazard manner. If you miss any dents or holes in the furniture, leave them unpainted. The point is not to get a perfect white chair; the point is to get a chair that looks worn, yet at the same time stylish. Distressed furniture will look fantastic in your new abode.

Embrace The Beach In Your Home

You want your beach house to embrace the beach. There is no point in decorating your new property as you have done your flat or house. Incorporate the beach and sea into your ornaments and décor. Why not make an ornament out of shells you find on the beach, or decorate your walls with imitation starfish? Your beach house should look like an extension of the beach.

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