The kitchen is usually one of my favourite rooms in the house but for some reason, it loses some of its appeals in the summer months. It could be the heat coming off the stove and the oven when cooking dinner, or even just the sun putting me off the cleaning chores!

Summer-Proof Your Kitchen

I’ve come up with a few tips and tricks to keep your kitchen functioning, even in the heat of the summer.

Make Time for a Deep Clean

Even if you just set aside one afternoon, keeping your kitchen clean is so important in the summer. Your gadgets and appliances work extra hard in the hot weather, so making sure they’re as clean as possible can make their jobs a lot easier (and maybe even save you some money).

Degrease your stove, wash the mildew out of your dishwasher, empty the crumbs out of the toaster and descale your kettle. Plus, you can do some of the jobs that are actually fun (ish) in the hot weather – like defrosting your freezer and clearing out your fridge. It’ll help them run better, preserve your food for longer as well as keeping you cool whilst cleaning!

Give Your Windows Some Love

The sunshine is very unforgiving on dirty windows, showing up every little streak! Take the opportunity to give them a proper clean so that they’re gleaming when you want to let the light in or glance out into the beautiful outdoors. We recommend this amazing homemade vinegar recipe to properly power clean your kitchen windows.

However, when you’re not using the kitchen, we’d recommend keeping the blinds down to keep the sunshine from streaming in and making the room feel stuffy. Adding a modern set of kitchen roller blinds can be both a stylish and practical choice for this– they look great when they’re down and they’ll actually keep the room cooler.

Empty Your Cabinets

There’s always a downside to the summer and that’s insects. They, unfortunately, tend to make an appearance in the hot weather and it’s clearly not something that you want to deal with when you’re feeling hot and sticky yourself! Empty your cabinets to clean up any spills, wipe down the shelves and make sure all of your containers are properly sealed to summer-proof your kitchen from pests.


Just a little bit of maintenance can keep your kitchen functioning and welcome during the summer months. Set aside some time for kitchen care, so you can summer-proof it and keep it in perfect working order, giving you less cleaning to do and more time to enjoy the sunshine!