Designing your dream house is truly a challenge. Somehow, we’re stuck in the same patterns of interior design tips, with minimalism everywhere and a splash of colour here and there. While you can see this tip around, some houses are simply mesmerising because they’re unique. Still, there’s nothing wrong with loving Amanda Seyfried’s home, inspired by the cottage core in the middle of the city.

However, you may notice it has elements similar to many other designs, such as the white oak and marble island or the colour scheme of white and beige with pints of different tones from the vintage furniture pieces.

A truly unique house can be decorated with pieces inspired by architecture past the vintage phase, such as the mid-century interior most appreciated from the 40s to the 60s. Nowadays, we’re seeing trending designs that usually come from the 70s because the warm and familiar look of a house reminds us of our grandparents.

But with so many interior design inspirations, it would be a waste not to approach them. Here are some tips to make your house eccentric in the best way.

How to make your house look more eccentric with tips from interior designers
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Clean functionalism: retro combined with contemporary

Functionalism is an architectural element that enhances a room or building’s practical features. A great example of outdoor functionalism is the Sydney Opera House in Australia, which beautifully blends into the natural setting. An indoor example is the Puro Hotel in Poland, which showcases retro elements combined with modern styles by incorporating different materials like wood, glass and ceramics.

You can also achieve clear functionalism within your house by not being afraid of mixing colours, materials and textiles. For example, you can install wooden wall panels in your living room and have some art deco furniture with steel frames and legs. Some attractive tones of purple, lavender and terra cotta on the walls would make the living room a fine space.

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Eclectic designs: textures, colours and proportions of all shapes and sizes

The eclectic design is all about juxtaposition and layering decorations, furniture and appliances. While at first glance, it seems like a stylish mess, this interior design look aims to experiment, even if you have to respect the creation of being a cohesive interpretation of architecture.

You can start with the eclectic style by choosing a colour pallet that allows you to layer. The easier choice includes neutral tones, from all kinds of white, beige and brown for the classic look. Wall covering can also be simple but posh, but don’t be afraid to include wall panels like those from

The most exciting part of creating an eclectic room involves playing with textures and colours. You can showcase your personality by filling the rooms with carpets, blankets, stools, and furniture with complex surfaces and colours and layer them based on your preferred tone schemes.

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Introducing art pieces: how these elements have the “wow” effect

Art is always welcomed in a house, and that’s because it allows for something to be either admired or questioned, so it’s always a good conversation starter. At the same time, it brings a unique effect within the house that cannot be manufactured through furniture, rugs or other elements.

However, when talking about art, we don’t mean the type of art you find in supermarkets. This is where the fun begins because this type of art can be found at auctions or in traditional vintage markets where you bargain for their value. Such pieces can be made from various materials and have unique forms. They can represent something or not, which is less important.

Interesting art can be a contemporary painting with striking colours and weird shapes. Indeed, these paintings might be considered insufficient for most people because they might not depict beauty but instead challenge the viewer to see the story behind the image. Pieces like the banana taped on the wall are indeed scandalous, but what if they trigger something within us?

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Go big or go home in smaller spaces

If you’ve got a lot of smaller spaces in your home, you’d usually have the tendency to decorate it with objects of similar sizes to avoid making it look weird. Of course, it would be best to save space if you can. However, there are situations, such as when you live alone and can spare the savings part and go big with massive decorative pieces.

Let’s take the example of the downstairs bathroom. While you might not give it a second thought, it can be the place that impresses your guests the most, apart from the living room. So, what you can do to make the bathroom more spectacular is add a large mirror in a rounded shape. Freestanding basins are also good-looking, especially if made from unique materials like titanium.

Going big can also mean choosing colours and patterns that are incredibly fun to see. Complex designs are welcomed, so don’t be afraid of mixing things up.

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Don’t forget about statement lighting

All these tips are great, but you can enhance their looks and boldness with statement lighting. Installing such a system will elevate your home with general lighting elements that usually include a chandelier or a set of pendant lights that aim to brighten up the entire space.

Next, we have task lighting that lights a specific part of the house. This can be included in the kitchen, above the countertops or in the bathroom, installed right on the mirror’s shape. Finally, accent lighting adds depth to your home to make it look unique. You can place floor lamps and wall sconces to highlight certain room elements, from art to everyday spaces.

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What do you think about these tips?

Making your house look good is simple ―you must look at how other people design their houses. But having a special home with eccentric tones involves your personality, so such designs are not for everyone’s tastes. That’s why they can only be appreciated by interior designers, because they recollect architectures from different times, such as the mid-century ones presented in this article.