With the countdown well and truly on for Christmas, many of us will now be thinking about how we plan to decorate our homes for the festive season.

Whether you plan on putting your tree up 12 days before or even a month in advance, there are a few simple tricks that can help create a sense of comfort and warmth.


Merry & Bright

Lighting is key to making a room feel cosy, homely and Christmassy. Simple things like using warm white fairy lights instead of cool white ones on your tree will bring a natural glow to the room, creating a toasty atmosphere.

If you can, it’s also worth avoiding overhead lighting. This is easier said than done in spacious new build homes but opting for lamps and real or fake candles can help bring the room in while keeping it warm and snug.

Eternal Flame
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Deck the Halls

Purse strings are a little tighter for many of us this year so it can seem daunting to decorate on a budget.

It’s amazing what we can find at the back of the cupboard and the number of old decorations that we can dust off and breathe life back into.

An easy way to upcycle old decorations is by changing the colours. Spray them a different shade, add glitter or get the kids to paint on their favourite festive character to baubles. Adding ornaments or repurposing everyday objects like cotton thread and old jewellery will also add a quirky element to your tree.

Getting your house ready for Christmas
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Christmas crafting

Let’s not forget that festive decorating can start before you even walk through the door of a house! Fake or real, wreaths are an essential Christmas addition but can often be expensive.

Making your own sustainable wreath can be a great way to cut costs, and is a great activity to get the whole family involved in. You can gather foliage while on a walk in the countryside, and add holly, acorns, berries, ivy and other evergreens.

Give your wreath a bit of zest by baking oranges and lemons in the oven until they go hard. You can then use them on your wreath or as tree decorations for a rustic feel.

Festive fragrances

One thing most of us associate with Christmas is the smell. Cinnamon, orange, and gingerbread. There’s something comforting about having these warm scents sweeping through the home.

The traditional route would be to use a scented candle, but reed diffusers and plug-ins are also handy if you don’t want to be exposed to a naked flame.

Indulging senses like smell is such a simple way to capture the cosiness and can bring back nostalgic memories of childhood Christmases.

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Get cosy this Christmas

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