Glass balustrades no doubt give your home a sophisticated appearance; they look amazing for your balcony, pool fencing, and stairs. However, it needs proper maintenance to always look its best.

Smudges and dirt take away the beauty of your balustrades. So it’s important to always keep it crystal clear.

What most people fail to realize is that some balustrades require a high level of maintenance, but others like glass balustrades require little but continuous effort to maintain its beauty. This is not difficult to achieve especially when you use the right cleaning products.

glass balustrades
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There are a whole lot of expensive commercial glass cleaners that would still leave sticky residues on your glass balustrades. But we are going to keep it simple by listing effective tips that would help keep your glass balustrades stunning and clean.

Avoid sharp objects near the glass

Prevention is always better than cure. The first step in keeping your glass balustrades stylish is to avoid the risk of any damage at all. The same way you won’t keep flammable materials near a fire is the same way you shouldn’t keep something sharp near glass balustrades. Make the area glass friendly, that way you don’t get to spend extra money, and you end up saving time as well.

For instance, if you need to move objects past the glass balustrades, you must cover up the panels to avoid damage. Because a scratch on your glass panel makes it look unattractive, after all, you want your glass balustrades system to look flawless.

Add protection

To ensure the durability of glass balustrades you can use special coatings and waxes. The essence of this is to provide an added layer of protection to the glass balustrades and reduce the risk of issues. Also, adding protection to glass balustrades would help to maintain it an easier process.

Cleaning the glass

This is the most frequent maintenance tip, cleaning the glass balustrades. Those in commercial settings would need to put in extra effort when cleaning glass balustrades, but for your home, you simply need a lint-free cloth and any window cleaning substance. Making use of a lint-free cloth would ensure that no smear or fabric is left behind on the glass balustrade.

Alternatively, you can make use of soap and water and wipe the residue with a lint-free cloth to achieve a crystal clear look.

Check your glass balustrades regularly

One more thing you have to do is to constantly give your balustrades a once over. The purpose of this is to look for any damaged areas, any loose fixings or anything that needs repairing. This should take only a few minutes and should be done every month. Once you notice anything that needs fixing, immediately call a professional to take a look at it and fix it. This would ensure that further damage does not occur which would affect the look of your glass balustrade.